Cars and Drugs kill more People than Guns

Posted by PITHOCRATES - May 4th, 2013

Week in Review

The Obama administration and those on the left are making a full-court press to enact some kind of gun control legislation.  Because of the epidemic of gun violence.  As proven by the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre.  The Aurora movie theater massacre.  The Virginia Tech massacre.  Etc.  It’s a killing field out there.  All because of guns.  The deadliest threat people face today.  Or so they would have you believe (see Highway Deaths in U.S. Rise After Six Years of Declines by Angela Greiling Keane posted 5/3/2013 on Bloomberg).

The number of people killed on U.S. highways rose in 2012 to end a run of six consecutive declines, the longest streak in the nation’s history.

Crash fatalities rose 5.3 percent to an estimated 34,080 from a year earlier, the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said today in a report.

If you do the math that comes to 32,365 deaths in 2011.  According to the CDC this exceeds the number of deaths by firearms in 2011 (the latest numbers available—see Table 2. Deaths, death rates, and age-adjusted death rates for 113 selected causes, Injury by firearms, Drug-induced Injury at work, and Enterocolitis due to Clostridium difficile: United States, final 2010 and preliminary 2011, page 19).  Deaths by firearms in 2011 totaled 32,163.  Cars killed more people than guns in 2011.  Yet all we hear about is restrictions in gun ownership.  Even limiting the capacity of magazines to make guns safer.  But we hear nothing about making cars bigger, heavier and safer to protect their occupants in a car crash.  Why?  Apparently the government doesn’t care about 32,000+ dying a year in car crashes.  Seeing that as a small price to pay to make cars more environmentally friendly.  These people are just collateral damage in the war to save the planet from carbon emissions.

Killing even more people in 2011 were drugs.  Drugs killed 40,239 people in 2011.  And here we are.  Decriminalizing marijuana in a few of our states.  Which may be only a prelude to decriminalizing harder drugs.  For drugs like prostitution is a victimless crime, yes?  If people want to use drugs in the privacy of their own home what business is it of government?  So what if drugs kill more people than cars.  Or guns.  It’s time we stop passing judgment on others.  Unless, that is, they want to own a gun.


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