Patients in Britain’s NHS may soon start Paying more Out of Pocket for their Free Health Care

Posted by PITHOCRATES - April 21st, 2013

Week in Review

Obamacare will centralize health care.  Make it more top-down with bureaucrats in Washington issuing directives on how a doctor should treat his or her patient.  They say this is how Obamacare will cut costs.  By putting it on the path to national health care.  Just like they have in Britain (see Free NHS treatment could be axed if economy does not recover, warns health chief by James Lyons posted 4/16/2013 on the Daily Mirror).

Free NHS treatment could be axed if the economy does not recover, the boss of the service warned yesterday.

Professor Malcolm Grant admitted charges for NHS services were a possibility as demand is set to rise by between 4% and 5% as the population gets older.

Looks like that free health care must be pretty expensive.  They could raise taxes more.  But the economy is already suffering in a recession.  Or they could cut spending elsewhere and transfer it to the NHS.  But with the government already running a deficit it is unlikely that anyone will agree on what to cut.  For if it was that easy they wouldn’t be running a deficit.  Which leaves making patients pay for more of their health care out of their own pocket.

Not surprising, really.  An aging population is going to consume more health care resources while fewer people are entering the workforce to pay for those resources.  Can’t raise taxes anymore.  So they cut back on costly staff (they won’t work for free) leading to longer wait times.  They ration health care services.  And they hasten the death of their most costly of patients.  The elderly.  By placing them on the Liverpool Care Pathway for the Dying Patient.  Which basically pulls the plugs on these patients allowing them to die quicker.  And yet they continue to spend more than their budget.  Which leaves little choice but to start charging patients for their ‘free’ national health care.

And thanks to Obamacare, this will be our future, too.  For we also have an aging population.  So get used to paying more and getting less.  And being less healthy.  For this is national health care.


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