Girls who are Recreational Drug Users are More Likely to be Victims of Sexual Assault

Posted by PITHOCRATES - April 20th, 2013

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Here’s another reason for girls to listen to their mom and dad when it comes to drug use.  Not only will the drugs harm them but other bad things can happen to them while they’re under the influence (see One in five recreational drug users ‘taken advantage of sexually’ by James Ball posted 4/18/2013 on the guardian).

One in five recreational drug users in the UK has been taken advantage of sexually while vulnerable after alcohol or drug use. The finding is one of the starkest results from the 2013 Global Drug Survey, conducted in partnership with the Guardian, Mixmag and GT magazine, which polled more than 7,000 users…

In the survey, 20% of drug users said they had been taken advantage of sexually after alcohol or drug use; in an answer to a separate question 14% said they had been given alcohol or drugs by someone they believed had the intention of taking advantage of them sexually; and 2.4% had said they had had sex without giving their consent as a result of being drugged without their knowing.

The survey used “being taken advantage of sexually” as specific wording on its questions in this area to include behaviour ranging from sexual assault up to and including rape…

“Intoxication can also impair a person’s ability to give informed consent, remove themselves from a risky situation or to take safe sex precautions…”

Women were three times more likely to report sexual assault as a result of drug use than men, while younger respondents were at significantly more risk: 16- to 20-year-olds were twice as likely to have been taken advantage of sexually than 21- to 30-year-olds, and seven times more likely than those over 30…

… around one in seven (14%) of respondents said they had, in the last twelve months, taken a mystery white powder without knowing what it was – a similar level to last year, when the phenomenon was first examined. Among recent users of cocaine, speed or MDMA, this figure doubled to 28%. Alcohol was a huge factor contributing to people’s willingness to try a mystery drug: 78% said they were intoxicated when accepting the powder. But perhaps most disturbingly for those worried about the consequences, 39% accepted the powder from a stranger or someone they did not know well.

People go to bars to meet other people.  And they relax over some alcoholic beverages to loosen up.  To have a good time.  And it’s been a time-honored way for adult men and women to meet each other and end the evening with sex.  They drink to impair their better judgment.  And the judgment they’re trying to impair is the level of physical attraction a person requires to say ‘yes’ for an evening of sex.  A lot these people go to the bar with the object of sleeping with someone that night.  The alcohol just hastens the selection process.  And this is how people have fun grownup style.  At least those who haven’t escaped the dating scene through wedded bliss.

But it’s different when underage people are drinking.  When a boy’s hormones are racing.  And he’s thinking of little else but having fun grownup style.  Even though he’s still a kid.  All the while we’re bombarding him with messages of safe sex, birth control and abortion services.  Which, of course, tells him that there must be nothing wrong with giving in to those hormonal urges.  Especially when high schools hand out free birth control.  And allow a girl to get an abortion without telling her parents.  Why it’s as if the schools are telling him to give in to those hormonal urges.  Because there are no consequences.  Which is where the alcohol and drugs come in.  For despite how much they may want to have consequence-free sex some of the girls are listening to their parents.  So they turn to alcohol and drugs.  Not to get these girls to say ‘yes’.  But to get them to stop saying ‘no’.

This is the unintended consequences of getting young women to vote Democrat by empowering them to become sex objects for boys.  The Left warns them that if they don’t vote Democrat that Republicans will force them into loveless marriages where they will become nothing but baby making machines.  Filling their days with nothing but raising babies, cooking and cleaning.  But if they vote Democrat they will keep all of their reproductive rights.  Free birth control.  And access to abortion.  So they can have all of the consequence-free sex they want.  A message, sadly, these boys are receiving loud clear.


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