After one NHS Trust kills some 1,200 Patients the British are Rewriting the NHS Constitution

Posted by PITHOCRATES - April 6th, 2013

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The NHS apparently has not been making patients a priority in their hospitals.  To correct that the British are rewriting the NHS constitution to put patients first.  Which will hopefully prevent the killing of thousands of patients in their hospitals (see Jeremy Hunt orders fresh consultation on rewriting NHS constitution by Peter Dominiczak, and Robert Winnett posted 4/3/2013 on The Telegraph).

Mr Hunt, the Health Secretary, has confirmed that he will begin consultations later this year on changing the constitution following the scandal at Mid Staffordshire NHS trust, where up to 1,200 patients died needlessly.

Robert Francis, the chairman of the inquiry, said that one of his top priorities was for the NHS constitution to be rewritten, making it explicit that “patients are put first” and “everything done by the NHS should be informed by this ethos”.

The Mid Staffordshire NHS trust manages two hospitals.  One at Stafford.  And one at Cannock.  These two hospitals serve a local population of 276,500 people.  Of which they needlessly killed off some 1,200.

So this is national health care.  This is what the supporters of Obamacare want it to evolve into.  Where the poor quality of health care calls for a rewriting of the health care constitution.  Because only then will they put patients first.

We will be moving away from putting patients first under Obamacare.  As they put more cost-cutting bureaucrats between patients and their health care providers.  Who must answer to the new state bureaucracy when administering health care.  And they will be held accountable for the inefficient use of limited health care resources.  Such as using them on sick people who consume too many of these limited resources.  For there is no other way to cut cuts when the state is paying for health care.  You just have to start saying ‘no’ at some point.  And tell a patient’s family that it is just not cost-efficient to treat your loved one.  Which is putting the state first.  Not the patient.


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