Clinic in Bendigo has had no Doctor to Perform an Abortion for more than a Year

Posted by PITHOCRATES - March 17th, 2013

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You can take a horse to water.  But you can’t make it drink.  That’s kind of how it is in Bendigo with abortions.  The state will offer the service.  But they can’t find a doctor to actually do the abortion (see Abortions not performed in Bendigo for more than a year – The Age posted 3/17/2013 on Bendigo Hub).

Bendigo’s abortion clinic has been effectively shut for more than a year because doctors are refusing to offer terminations.

Women in the state’s north-west have been denied local access to publicly funded abortions since the only clinician willing to perform the procedure quit Bendigo Health’s Choices clinic early last year. The hospital has tried to recruit a new obstetrician or gynaecologist, but each doctor has turned down the role because they are ”conscientious objectors”.

Women can access counselling and information at the clinic but are being forced to travel to the Royal Women’s Hospital in Melbourne for abortions…

Marilyn Beaumont, chairperson of the Australian Women’s Health Network, called on Bendigo Health management to show leadership. ”There is a community group that is aligned with Right To Life that exercises a great deal of influence on the health service but that should not stop the proper leadership for the provision of the full range of sexual reproductive services … in that area,” Ms Beaumont said.

An interesting problem.  Abortion is about a woman’s right to choose.  It’s about choice.  But to get that choice some are demanding Bendigo Health management do something about it.  And one wonders if they would go so far as to ask the state to force someone to perform abortions against their conscious.  Giving them no choice.  So these women can get their choice.

Choice is like that line in George Orwell’s Animal Farm.  Where the one rule of Animal Farm states, “All animals are equal.  Only some animals are more equal than others.”  And so it is with choice.  For it may appear that some choice is more equal than others.  That a woman’s choice may be more equal than a doctor’s choice.  Or her unborn baby’s choice.


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