Charging your Electric Car will be as Simple as Understanding your Cellular Bill

Posted by PITHOCRATES - March 10th, 2013

Week in Review

People hate the high price of gasoline.  And bought electric cars so they could laugh at those poor saps still buying gasoline.  For with their electric car all they needed was to plug in when they needed some charge and go on their way.  Of course, they didn’t think about that charging part so carefully.  For plugging in at home is one thing.  And appears to be free.  Because your electric meter doesn’t itemize your electric use.  But when you’re looking from a charge away from home some may have been surprised to see there is a cost for electricity.  When they can even find a place to plug in (see Merging networks give electric car drivers more places to charge by Eric Evarts posted 3/8/2013 on Consumer Reports).

It ought to go without saying that with relatively few public chargers for electric cars, if you have an electric car you ought to be able to plug into any one of them.

That wasn’t the case last year, when highlighted the challenges EV owners face when traveling beyond the range of a home recharge…But now with a new partnership forged, it is getting much easier for EV drivers to recharge on the go.

The two largest charging network providers, Ecotality (Blink) and Chargepoint, have come together to create a joint billing and data connection called Collaboratev. As a result, Collaboratev will allow each network’s customers to charge up at any Blink or Chargepoint charger by swiping a single card and get a single bill. The networks are working to recruit other, smaller networks to the system, as well.

So charging your electric car will be like using your cell phone.  Or an ATM.  Where different costs and fees may apply depending where you are.  It’s not like that with gasoline.  Where any cluster of gas stations will have similar prices.  Making it easy to choose.  For the only price you need to know is on the gas station sign.  And you don’t have to worry about getting a monthly bill later with additional charges or fees added in.  Now that’s convenience.

Also, having more charging stations available doesn’t solve another problem.  You can pull into any gas station, pump gas for about 10 minutes, then go on driving.  And you can have your lights on and your air conditioning or heat on high.  Even drive on the highway for another 5-6 hours easily.  And you just won’t be able to do that with an electric car.  Where the limited range will make you very nervous on the drive home if you get stuck in traffic.  At night.  During a snow storm.  With your headlights on.  And your heat and defrosters on high to keep your windows clear.

You’ll be sweating bullets.  And praying that you have enough charge to get home.  While your gasoline-powered companions on the road have no such concern.  For if they run low on gas they can pull into a gas station.  Top off their tank.  And be back in that traffic jam some 15 minutes later.  Whereas if you run out of charge you will have to call a tow truck.  For you can’t go to a service station and come back with a can of charge to pour into the battery.  No.  You’ll need a tow to a charger.  And an hour or so to charge.  Or more.  Depending on the voltage.

This is the price of the all-electric car.  Convenience.  And security.  Something that gasoline gives you.  Which is why it is the dominant fuel we use.  Because there is nothing better.


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