Canada does Health Care right even if they do Dental Care Wrong

Posted by PITHOCRATES - March 9th, 2013

Week in Review

Canada does health care right.  They have a single-payer system.  Which is not quite national health care like the National Health Service in Britain.  But it’s the next best thing.  Sort of like Obamacare.  It’s not the national health care the Left wants.  But it’s the next best thing.  And a stepping stone to getting what they want.   So they can do health care right.  Like in Britain.  And like in Canada.  Where they put people before profits.  And everybody has everything they could ever want (see Bite out of dental program will hurt, says dentist posted 3/6/2013 on CBC News Health).

The president of the Newfoundland and Labrador Dental Association says cuts to the adult dental program will cost the province more in the long run.

In a news release Tuesday, the government said it is putting a per person cap of $150 on basic dental services and $750 on denture care, starting on April 1. Dentists will have to get approval from MCP before treating most patients.

“One hundred and fifty dollars is not going to cut it for people that need pain management,” said Dr. Jason Noel.

Valid point.  So why in a country where they do health care right would they do dental care so wrong?

The government set up the Adult Dental Program in January 2012 for people on low incomes, including seniors. At that time, dentists praised the program for its accessibility…

“The program budget was for $6.7 million. In actual fact, it ballooned to something that we never anticipated at all – it was closer to $21 million…”

That’s why.  Because free health care is very expensive.  And government bureaucrats are very bad at making cost projections.  For what government program didn’t exceed government projections?

Just something to think about as Obamacare starts paying the bills.  A potential 213% cost overrun.  Or more.  Because Canada has been doing health care right for a lot longer than the United States.  So if they miss a target by 213% you just know a novice at doing health care right will do a poorer job.  But one thing we’ve learned from the recent sequester debate government doesn’t like cutting spending.  They don’t even like reducing the rate they will increase spending by.

So will the Americans be as responsible as the Canadians in fixing something they screwed up.  Probably not.  Instead they’ll rely on raising taxes.  And when they can raise taxes no more they will resort to rationing, longer wait times and denial of care.  As in those death panels that aren’t technically in Obamacare.  But a government bureaucrat deciding who gets health care and who doesn’t is a death panel.  Even if you don’t call it a death panel.  Something else to think about as Obamacare starts paying the bills.


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