Fear Peddling, the Uninformed and Politics

Posted by PITHOCRATES - February 28th, 2013

Politics 101

Che Guevara is the Left’s Favorite Marxist Hero

When you have nonsensical policies it can be difficult to advance them.  When you have policies that haven’t worked whenever they’ve been tried it can be difficult to advance them.  When you have policies that informed people reject it can be difficult to advance them.  When you have policies that will fundamentally change the country while taking the federal government closer to a monarchy it can be difficult to advance them.  Unless the masses are uninformed.  Or scared.

Fear.  It’s a good tool to advance bad policy.  Especially with an uninformed people.  When the antiestablishment hippies of the Sixties got tired of turning on, tuning in, dropping out and trying to overthrow the federal government through domestic terrorism (as groups like the Weather Underground tried) they changed tack.  These old hippies gave up their violent revolutionary ways.  Kept doing their drugs.  And started overthrowing the country from the inside.  By entering education.

If you’ve ever wondered how the nation started its turn left this is it.  These hippies began teaching our kids.  Filling their heads with revisionist history.  Attacking capitalism.  Lauding socialism.  And communism.  These people were, after all, the ones who started putting up posters of Che Guevara.  The guy who when in Cuba wanted the Soviets to nuke the United States.  A part of the Cuban Missile Crisis they don’t teach in our public schools.  For Che Guevara is the Left’s favorite Marxist hero.  Which is why today you see young and impressionable college students with posters of Che Guevara in their dorm rooms.  Or wearing t-shirts with his image.

Volcanic Eruptions Cool the Planet while burning Coal Warms the Planet

These old hippies hate capitalism.  So they teach our kids the evils of capitalism.  And the goodness of the federal government.  The very government they once tried to overthrow.  Now that federal government can only do good.  As long as liberal Democrats like them are in power.  And they use the federal government to go after their sworn enemy.  Capitalism.  Which is why our kids come home from school scared to death about global warming.  And grow up to be good liberals who hate capitalism.  Because capitalists cause global warming.  By putting profits before people.  And before the planet.

On February 15, 2013, a large meteoroid exploded in the sky over Russia.  Causing a lot of damage.  Shattered a lot of windows.  Set off a lot of car alarms.  And injured some 1200 people.  But it didn’t kill anyone.  Because it exploded some 20-30 miles above the ground.  Which was lucky for the people below.  For the energy in this 10 metric ton meteoroid was equivalent to a small nuclear bomb.  Had it landed intact in Moscow it may have destroyed that city.  Events like this are rare.  But a lot of meteoroids enter the earth’s atmosphere.  Most burn up.  But some pieces make it through to crash into the earth.

A large meteoroid impact may have caused the extinction of the dinosaurs.  But so far human civilization has escaped.  But it’s just been dumb luck.  For there is a lot of space junk up there hurling its way all over the universe.  Making a large meteoroid strike sometime in the future a very real possibility.  Meteoroids that can take out cities like a nuclear bomb.  Yet they don’t teach our kids this in school.  The Left isn’t pressing for some space-based defense force that could land on a meteoroid to attach rockets to try and steer it away from the earth.  Or even to detonate a nuclear device to try and push it off course.  No.  We hear nothing about this danger.  Yet they scare our kids about man-made global warming.  Teach them to hate coal.  Even though burning coal puts the same stuff into the atmosphere as an erupting volcano.  But volcanic eruptions cool the planet.  While burning coal warms the planet.

Fear is Good, Fear is Right, Fear works

So the whole global warming debate appears to be more politics than science.  But our impressionable kids hear this stuff and accept it as fact.  While they ignore a real threat.  Meteoroids.  So why do they scare our kids about global warming but not about a meteoroid crashing into the planet?  Because peddling fear about meteoroids doesn’t offer any political capital.  Not like putting the fear of God into our kids that global warming is killing the planet.  And forcing the polar bears to swim miles from shore because the Arctic is melting.  This fear offers political capital they can use to further regulate businesses.  And to attack capitalism.  Because only government can help the polar bears by preventing businesses from destroying the planet with all of their man-made global warming.

To the Left fear is good.  Fear is right.  Fear works.  Which is why they always turn to it whenever they are trying to pass bad policies that an informed people reject.  As we see in the sequester debate.  A modest decrease in the rate by which they will increase spending.  The federal government will spend more this year than they did last year.  Even with the sequester cuts.  But they put the fear of God into the uninformed that these ‘cuts’ will unleash Armageddon.  We’ll have no safe food to eat or clean water to drink.  Cops, firefighters and teachers will lose their jobs en masse.  Criminals will run free as prosecutors won’t be able to afford to bring them to justice.  We’ll vacate our border because we won’t be able to pay our border patrol.  People will suffer great delays at our airports because they will lay-off TSA agents and air traffic controllers.  And we’ll have to release people from prison because we won’t be able to afford to incarcerate them anymore.

None of its true.  But it sure sounds scary.  Like it will be the end of the world.  And to stop this all we have to do is raise taxes.  Hmmm.  Raise taxes?  Or die in the fiery pits of Hell?  Which one do you think the uninformed will choose?  Our young adults graduating from high school.  Those getting a liberal college education.  Those who get their news from The Daily Show.  Who are more interested in sex and drugs.  Based on the 2012 election.  Where they warned women that if they wanted continued access to birth control and abortion they had better vote Democrat.  And, of course, Washington and Colorado decriminalized marijuana.  So what are these people going to believe?  Whatever the people who put the fear of God into them about man-made global warming want them to believe.  And they will.  Because fear is good.  Fear is right.  Fear works.



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