The Future of Obamacare will be Poor Patient Care and Gag Orders for anyone Speaking Out against that Poor Care

Posted by PITHOCRATES - February 17th, 2013

Week in Review

Time travel has always fascinated people.  To go back in time before the loss of a loved one.  To go forward into time to see your children’s weddings before your premature death.  Or traveling to the future to find a cure for the disease that will take you prematurely.  As well as traveling back for definitive answers for the great mysteries that have puzzled us.  Did Lee Harvey Oswald act alone?  Why did the people build Stonehenge?  How did they build the pyramids?  Or imagine the ability of going back in time to stop Adolf Hitler.  And what would have happened if there was no World War II because there was no Adolf Hitler?

The concept of time travel is fascinating.  But as of now it is still science fiction.  But there are ways we can travel into the future.  Sort of.  As they implement more parts of Obamacare people wonder what it will be like in 10 or 20 years from now.  Will it be a great success?  Or a great failure?  We can actually travel in time to get the answer to these questions.   Because that alternate reality already exists in our own time dimension.  In Britain.  So we can get glimpses of the future of Obamacare by looking at the past and present of the National Health Service (NHS).  So get ready for a little time travel.  As you read the following substitute ‘Obamacare’ for ‘NHS’.  As this will take you into the future world of Obamacare (see Jeremy Hunt warns NHS health trusts over gagging orders posted 2/16/2013 on BBC News Health).

Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt has warned NHS bosses against allowing a culture that is “legalistic and defensive” in dealing with staff who raise concerns over patient care.

In a letter to all English NHS trusts, Mr Hunt highlighted fears that “gagging” clauses were being used to “frustrate” such whistleblowing…

It comes after one former NHS trust boss broke a gag to talk to the BBC.

Gary Walker, former chief executive of United Lincolnshire Hospitals Trust (ULHT), said he had been forced out of his job and gagged from speaking out about his concerns over patient safety…

The health secretary insisted that “fostering a culture of openness and transparency” was essential in creating a climate “where it is easy for staff, present and former, to come forward with any concerns they have relating to patient safety”…

Mr Walker, who was sacked in 2010 for gross professional misconduct for allegedly swearing in a meeting, told the BBC he had no choice but to sign an agreement linked to a confidentiality clause in April 2011…

Our correspondent said the letter was certainly a warning shot across the bows of the trusts. It appeared the use of these gagging clauses was widespread in the NHS, he added…

ULHT is one of 14 trusts in England currently being investigated for high death rates, in the wake of the Stafford hospital scandal, where hundreds are believed to have died after receiving poor care.

It emerged on Friday that police and prosecutors are now studying a damning report into failures at Stafford to see whether any criminal charges should be brought against staff.

Scary.  Gagging orders?  High death rates?  Poor care?  Getting fired over voicing concerns over poor patient safety?  Confidentiality clauses?  So this is what national health care is like.  You don’t hear things like this at American hospitals.  But this is where Obamacare will take us.  Not a very pleasant future.

Pity we can’t take our time machine back in time.  Expose the corruption the Democrats used to pass Obamacare into law.  The Louisiana Purchase.  The Cornhusker Kickback.  And all the other corrupt backroom deals made to give Harry Reid his 60 votes to pass Obamacare into law.  To bring these to the light of day before the vote.  So the American people could see these outrages while they had time to do something about it.  But, alas, time travel isn’t possible.  So we’re stuck with the gagging orders, high death rates, poor care, poor patient safety and confidentiality clauses that will be Obamacare.  Just as they are the NHS.


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