Consumer Confidence falls as President Obama’s Policies fail Economically but succeed Politically

Posted by PITHOCRATES - February 2nd, 2013

Week in Review

If you watch any reporting on the economic news chances are you’re a little confused.  Apple posts record profits and its stock price slides.  The Dow Jones Industrial Average broke 14,000 despite an uptick in the official unemployment rate.  Democrats talk about how great the economy is despite some 8 million people dropping out of the labor market since President Obama took office because they can’t find a job.  And the U-6 Unemployment rate that measures everyone who can’t find a job is holding steady at 14.4%.  The Democrats can spin the economic news all they want but it doesn’t change the numbers.  And they’re not fooling the people (see Consumer confidence drops to lowest level since November 2011 by Ricardo Lopez posted 1/29/2013 on the Los Angeles Times).

Consumer confidence continued to slip in January, falling to its lowest level since November 2011, the Conference Board said Tuesday…

The index, based on a compilation of consumer polls, found that those claiming business conditions are “good” declined from 17.2% to 16.7%. On the labor market front, those claiming jobs were “plentiful” declined to more than 2 points to 8.6%.

The economy sucks.  Despite the trillions in new government spending.  And it’s only going to get worse now that the 2% payroll tax cut has expired.  And more of the Obamacare taxes hit the American people.

Obama’s economic policies have failed.  If you measure success with things like the unemployment rate, job creation and consumer confidence.  Of course if you measure by a different metric one could say Obama’s policies have been a great success.  Politically.  Especially if people keep demanding the government do something to fix the economy.  And if they never fix the economy the people will always demand that the government do something.  Which is what those in government want.   People demanding for more government.  So by this metric the Obama policies have been a great success.  Because they have been a great failure.  Economically.


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