Despite Osama bin Laden being Dead al Qaeda Killed a US Ambassador and took Americans Hostage

Posted by PITHOCRATES - January 20th, 2013

Week in Review

Osama bin Laden is dead and GM is alive.  This was the constant refrain during the 2012 presidential election.  The Obama team spiked the Osama bin Laden football to no end.  And stated victory in the war with al Qaeda.  Saying al Qaeda was on the ropes.  On the path to destruction.  It was President Obama’s George W. Bush (W) ‘Mission Accomplished’ moment.  The war was over.  And President Obama won it.  The enemy, al Qaeda, is no more.  At least that’s what President Obama says.  But then you read things like this (see US doesn’t feel stakes in Mali ‘as intensely’ as France by Jon FROSCH posted 1/19/2013 on France24).

In the days following the start of France’s offensive against al Qaeda-inspired groups in Mali on January 11, top US officials offered strong statements of support.

“We have a responsibility to go after al Qaeda wherever they are,” US Defense Secretary Leon Panetta told reporters during a trip to Europe, while Secretary of State Hillary Clinton acknowledged that “instability in Mali has created the opportunity for a staging base and safe haven for terrorists”.

The US has offered logistical support (airlift assistance, reinforced intelligence and supplies to French and African forces) to French operations in the country’s former colony. But it has made no decision yet as to whether it will provide surveillance drones or aerial refuelling for French jets, as requested by France. Furthermore, the authorities have said there are no plans to send in American troops.

Indeed, the US response to unrest in Mali has been measured, even as American citizens are being held hostage by Islamist militants in neighbouring Algeria.

Apparently al Qaeda is not on the ropes after all.  They’re toppling governments.  Taking hostages.  Storming consulate buildings in Benghazi.  And killing U.S. ambassadors.  Of course, the last was explained away by the Obama administration as being a spontaneous reaction to a YouTube video.  Which it wasn’t.  No, al Qaeda is not on the ropes.  One could even say they are growing stronger under President Obama’s watch.  For no American ambassadors were killed on W’s watch.  And no hostages were taken.


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