The EU is begging Britain to Stay in the EU so they can get their £30 Billion over the Next 5 Years

Posted by PITHOCRATES - January 12th, 2013

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People used to hate Great Britain.  And their imperialist British Empire.  Despite that very same British Empire giving us great countries like Australia, Canada and the United States.  And other great British Empire spinoffs that are some of the best places to live today.  All they see is a country that exploited others for their own interests.  But some of that hate appears to be turning into love.  For as Britain is preparing to hold a referendum on whether to remain in the EU some of these very same people are begging Britain not to leave the EU.  Leaving the EU, they say, could hurt Britain.  And being so concerned for the well being of Great Britain they beg that Britain remains in the EU.  For Britain’s sake.  How selfless and loving these people are (see German MPs warn UK EU exit would be ‘economic disaster’ by Bridget Kendall posted 1/10/2013 on BBC News UK Politics).

A new, strongly worded warning against Britain leaving the EU has come from a delegation of visiting German MPs…

Briefing reporters at the German Embassy in London, Gunther Krichbaum, a member of Chancellor Angela Merkel’s ruling CDU party, said: “Losing the single market for the UK would be an economic disaster.”

He added that more business leaders in Britain needed to make the case for continued membership.

Mr Krichbaum also argued that Britain would suffer a significant loss of global prestige if it left the EU club.

“Britain leaving [the EU] would weaken the European idea, but it would weaken Britain’s position in the world more,” he said…

Mr Krichbaum added that from his point of view, any attempt by Britain to renegotiate its position to reach a “new settlement” for continued membership would be resisted by its European partners.

Negotiate a new settlement?  Sounds like there is money involved.  Could this be the real reason why they don’t want Britain to leave?  Perhaps (see Banks fear ‘risk to City’ of EU exit by Kamal Ahmed posted 12/29/2012 on The Telegraph).

“The best way to strengthen our economy would be for Britain to leave the EU,” UKIP’s economics spokesman, Tim Congdon, said at the time of the Chancellor’s Autumn Statement.

“We would quickly save the money now being sent by the Government to the EU, which will total almost £30bn over the next five years.

“That figure of £30bn is bad enough. But it does not include the far more serious damage done by the loathsome acquis communautaire [the body of EU legislation which candidate countries must first adopt], with its hundreds of rules and regulations that cause larger businesses to invest outside Europe altogether, bankrupt small businesses and destroy jobs.”

£30bn?  That comes to about $48.4 billion US.  That’s a lot of money.  To put that in perspective in Britain the NHS spent about £106 billion in 2012.  And is trying to save £20 billion over 4 years ending in 2014.  So do you think Britain could use an additional £30 billion over the next 5 years?  Yes.  I believe they could.  It would help Britain take care of Britons.  Instead of sending that money to Brussels.  To help Europeans.  And in doing so they could also make their businesses more competitive by getting rid of hundreds of rules and regulations.  Which is another reason they don’t want Britain to leave the EU.  For if they do not only will the EU lose £30 billion over the next five years they will become less competitive than Britain.  Making a bad situation worse.

It would appear they love Britain when Britain can’t be Britain.  They want Britain’s money.  And they want to keep Britain as uncompetitive as they are.  That’s when they love Britain.  Not when they want to do what is best for the British taxpayer.


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