A Gun Evens the Odds and Allows a Mother to Defend Herself and her Children

Posted by PITHOCRATES - January 6th, 2013

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The advantage of a gun in self-defense is that you can engage the person attacking you at a distance.  Allowing you to fire multiple shots at an intruder before they get close enough to cause you personal harm.  For example, in a home invasion someone can retreat deep into the house while shouting out warnings that he or she has a gun and will fire if the intruder does not leave the house.  If the intruder disregards these warnings and pursues to cause unknown harm that person can begin firing that weapon.  Sending out a hail of lead in the hopes he or she can stop the intruder before he can advance far enough to apply lethal force.  Like this (see Mom shoots intruder 5 times by Effie Orfanides posted 1/5/2013 on the examiner).

An Atlanta, GA mom shot an intruder 5 times after he discovered the place where she and her children had been hiding. The woman, who remains unidentified, put her life on the line to protect her twins and her story has made national news. On Jan. 6, FOX 8 reported that a man broke into the woman’s house and was shot by the woman when he approached the crawlspace where she and her kids were hiding…

… The woman fired six shots, five of which struck Slater in the face and neck. The man fled the home and ran to a nearby home,” FOX 8 reported. His injuries sound serious but, according to the report, he did not die.

The intruder took five bullets to the face and neck before turning and fleeing.  Imagine if that mother only had a knife.  She would have had to wait until the intruder could physically touch her before she could apply lethal force with that knife.  And chances are that the intruder would have been able to wrestle that knife away and use it to inflict lethal force onto the mother.  If she had no weapon the intruder could have walked right up to her and apply lethal force with his bare hands.  And do likewise to her children.

Without a gun that mother would have been no match for that intruder.  It was the gun that made it possible for the mother to defend herself and her children from a superior attacking force.  A gun this intruder no doubt wished she didn’t have.  For if there were gun control laws prohibiting her from owning a firearm he would not have fled that home until he was good and ready to leave.  And he wouldn’t have five bullet wounds in the face and neck.



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