Exploding Shark Tank a Sign of the Failings of a State-Controlled Economy

Posted by PITHOCRATES - December 30th, 2012

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The Left loves China.  Where there is no laissez-faire capitalism.  What they have is state-capitalism.  Where the Chinese communist government calls all the economic shots.  The American Left likes that.  And would like to have that in the United States.  Because they believe government makes everything better.  Even a government with a horrific human rights record.  Who uses prisoners in labor camps to manufacture goods for export.  Or underpaid and overworked migrant labor in the big city factories.  Where there are no unions to collective bargain for the Chinese worker.  Just the Chinese communist government giving orders and enforcing their workplace rules.  So what kind of quality do you get from people working under the lash (literally and figuratively)?  Well, you get high-speed train accidents.  And a lot of little things like this (see Shark Tank Bursts at Mall posted 12/27/2012 on ABC News).

The dramatic just-released video shows four people standing immediately in front the gigantic 23 ft-by-10 ft shark aquarium at the Oriental Shopping Center moments before it shattered. Pedestrians could be seen passing by behind them…

The video shows that the force of the explosion was so strong, it tore down cosmetic stands inside the shopping center on the other side of aquarium.

The December 19 explosion left 15 bystanders injured and three sharks dead…

There is still no official explanation as to why the shark tank exploded. The popular shark tank was only two years old but it has been speculated that a sudden cold snap that day in Shanghai may have contributed to thick aquarium glass shattering.

In a state-planned economy (like the Chinese have) the state sets standards and quality controls.  Not the market.  Aquariums don’t explode like this in a market economy because an aquarium installer couldn’t stay in business if their installed aquariums exploded.  But the state can.  Because in a state-controlled economy there aren’t competitors out there trying to sell a better aquarium installation at a lower price.  Which puts pressures on all installers to improve quality while lowering prices.  Something that just doesn’t happen in a state-controlled economy like in China.  So high-speed trains crash.  Aquariums explode.  And people who are under the persecution of the Chinese Communist Party Government write notes of their oppression and slip it into the goods they manufacture under the lash.



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