Bad Health Care in Obamacare will be as Inevitable as it is in the NHS

Posted by PITHOCRATES - December 29th, 2012

Week in Review

As Obamacare kicks off in January what can we expect from the greatest overhaul of the American health care system?  A step towards national health care?  Well, the best way to understand what’s in store for us is to look at a populous nation with national health care.  The UK.  Which has only 1/5 the population the US has.  Where bad health care in their National Health Service (NHS) is, to quote someone from the UK, inevitable (see Bad care is inevitable in the NHS by Harry Mount posted 12/24/2012 on The Telegraph).

… the appalling neglect of 38 patients at the Alexandra Hospital in Redditch is the logical result of the NHS’s untenable management structure.

Imagine if everything at Tesco’s [a British grocery and general merchandise retail store like Wal-Mart in Europe, Asia and North America] was free but rationed, and subject to delivery delays of several months. Then throw in the fact that there are no other free alternatives. You would have a nightmare on your hands – huge queues, attracted by the free goods, then further stretched by the long delays.

Imagine how the staff would then behave – harrassed by the limitless demand of customers, but also in a tyrannical position of monopoly power, because there is no alternative provider. They can be as rude as they like, knowing that the customer has nowhere else to go; knowing that, without their services – food in the Tesco’s case, life-saving healthcare in the case of NHS – you will die.

On top of all this, imagine that the government ran Tesco’s, with absolutely no previous skill or experience in running supermarkets.

This is not to say that the people in the NHS are bad.  It’s just that when you put good people in bad situations they tend to lose their empathy.  Because they are forced to deal with the shortages and rationing on a daily basis.  And are powerless to do anything about it.  For this is national health care.  Trying to do more with less.  The costs of caring for their aging baby boomers are overwhelming the NHS.  As the baby boomers have left the workforce and no longer pay income taxes.  And who are now consuming the lion’s share of their limited health care resources.  Less revenue.  And more costs.  A recipe for disaster.

This is the future of American health care.  Only with 5 times the population the shortages and rationing will be 5 times worse.  And if we ask someone who knows a thing or two about national health care what they think Obamacare will be like we can guess their answer.  Bad health care in Obamacare will be inevitable.  For if the British can’t negotiate the aging population problem at a 1/5 scale what chance do the Americans have at trying their struggling system at full scale?  It’s a recipe for disaster.  Heavy on the disaster.


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