North Korea and their War on Christmas

Posted by PITHOCRATES - December 22nd, 2012

Week in Review

Apparently the U.S. isn’t the only place there is a war on Christmas (see South Koreans light giant border Christmas ‘tree’ by AP posted 12/23/2012 on USA Today).

South Koreans have lit a Christmas tree-shaped tower near the tense border with North Korea for the first time in two years following North Korea’s rocket launch…

Pyongyang views the tower as propaganda warfare, though it has not yet responded to this year’s lighting…

The tree wasn’t lit last year after officials asked Christians to refrain from doing so to avoid tension following the death of North Korean leader Kim Jong Il last December.

The North Korean government really hates Christmas.  As do all communists.  Who are officially atheists.  As the state doesn’t want anyone worshipping anything but them.  And they don’t want any moral restrains on their abuses of power.  If they want to torture and kill someone they don’t want anyone, or any god, telling them that it’s wrong to do that.  Especially the Prince of Peace.  Jesus.  In a country that has a military-first policy.  Where they will let people starve to death in a famine so they can feed their military.  And do.

The North Korean leaders no doubt know history.  They saw what happened in Poland.  President Ronald Reagan and Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher supported a little labor movement in Poland.  Along with another supporter of peace and freedom from oppression.  Pope John Paul II.  A Pole.  Who supported Lech Walesa.  The leader of Solidarity.  Who lead Poland out from underneath Soviet oppression.  And into a free market economy.  Which is the last thing the North Korean leaders want.  Which is why a Christmas tree on the border really bothers them.  It may give their people hope.


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