Useless College Degrees leave Graduates with Massive Debt and Unmarketable Skills

Posted by PITHOCRATES - December 16th, 2012

Week in Review

The Left wants to provide free college education for everyone.  They’ve even taken over the student loan program.  And talk about making more funding available to states to help kids afford the one thing that grows more costly than health care.   And kids are going to college in record numbers.  And when many of these kids graduate they can’t find a job.  Why?  Because they’re getting useless degrees for that massive student loan debt the government encouraged them to borrow.  Degrees requiring little math or science (see Don’t Bother Earning These Five Degrees by Terence Loose posted 12/13/2012 on Yahoo! Education).

Unwanted Degree #1 – Architecture

Unwanted Degree #2 – Philosophy or Religious Studies

Unwanted Degree #3 – Anthropology or Archeology

Unwanted Degree #4 – Area Ethnic or Civilization Studies

Unwanted Degrees #5 – Information Systems

Architecture does require some math.  And it’s not that easy.  But it’s on the list because of the government’s massive real estate bubble that exploded into the subprime mortgage crisis.  The whole construction industry being in the toilet because of the government’s pressure to qualify the unqualified for mortgages.

Every other unwanted degree on the list is a worthless degree.  None of them have any market value in a high-tech economy.  Not one of them will build a better iPad.  A better smartphone battery.  Or find a new miracle drug that will help ease the cost of our aging population.  So why do kids get degrees in these fields?  Because their workloads are lighter than in degree programs that require math and science.  Leaving more time for having fun the first time these kids are out from under their parent’s supervision.

The Left wants to help these kids with degrees that won’t get them a job.  By forgiving their debt.  Which is probably the worst thing that we can do.  The colleges who gave them these degrees should refund their tuition for selling them a defective product.  The American people shouldn’t pick up the tab just so college professors and administrators can earn large salaries and generous benefits.  Especially when they are teaching our kids an anti-capitalist curriculum.  Which is primarily responsible for the anti-business climate in this country today.  Giving us our high unemployment rates in the first place.


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