Despite Recent Tragedies involving NFL Players an NFL Player is Less Likely to get in Trouble

Posted by PITHOCRATES - December 8th, 2012

Week in Review

NFL players have a reputation as bad boys.  Domestic violence.  DUIs.  Brandishing guns.  Or worse.  And a little substance abuse of the illicit kind.  So there are a lot of NFL players who behave poorly and serve as horrible role models for the kids that idolize them.  And some do some things that they just can’t walk away from (see Cowboys death, arrest serve as another sad reminder that DUIs are a major problem for NFL by Dan Wetzel posted 12/8/2012 on Yahoo! Sports).

For the second consecutive week, the NFL was broadsided with a tragedy – a preventable, painful tragedy.

On Saturday, Dallas Cowboys nose tackle Josh Brent was charged with intoxication manslaughter after what Irving, Texas, police described as a high-speed early morning crash on State Highway 114 that caused his car to flip at least once before winding up on a service road.

His victim was teammate Jerry Brown, a 25-year-old linebacker from St. Louis. Brown, a passenger at the time of the crash, was a teammate of Brent’s at the University of Illinois.

This comes on the heels of Kansas City Chiefs linebacker Jovan Belcher committing suicide in front of his coach and general manager last Saturday after murdering Kasandra Perkins, his girlfriend and the mother of his 3-month-old daughter…

Even Belcher drove after drinking last week. Police discovered him at 3 a.m. last Saturday sleeping off a night of partying in his Bentley, which was parked yet running. The cops gave him a break; he was allowed to go inside a nearby apartment complex and get some rest. Hours later, he went home and shot Perkins nine times…

DUI is the league’s biggest legal issue. A study by the San Diego Union-Tribune found that 112 of the 385 NFL player arrests (29 percent) between 2000 and 2008 involved drunk driving.

Belcher’s crime was spectacular but beyond rare. The NFL doesn’t have a murder problem. It doesn’t even have a gun problem. If anything, the league’s players are better behaved than the general public. That same Union-Tribune study found players arrested at a rate of one per 47. The U.S. population was one per 21, more than twice as often.

Yes, there is a problem in the NFL.  But it turns out that if the general population would behave as well as these NFL players it would be a better world.  Imagine that.

There are some bad boys in the NFL.  But by and large NFL players are better role models for the kids that idolize them than people in the general population.  It doesn’t seem like that because when they do something horrific it’s the lead on the national news.  When someone else does it their actions only get as far as the local news.

Perhaps it’s time we stop picking on the NFL.  And start discussing the individuals who also happen to be NFL players.  For despite the hard-hitting and violent nature of the game they probably make better next door neighbors than most.  Based on the numbers, at least.  Which is probably a shock to most.  But it does bring to our attention that everything we hear in the news may not be the crisis they say it is.


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