Chinese Women must submit to an Invasive Gynecological Exam for a Government Job

Posted by PITHOCRATES - December 1st, 2012

Week in Review

Many on the Left admire China for what they’re doing with their state-capitalism.  Something they’d like to see more of in the United States.  Government telling business what to do.  Government basically telling everyone what to do.  It’s a veritable liberal nirvana.  As long as you’re not a woman seeking a government job.  For there are a few more hoops Chinese women have to jump through before getting a coveted government job (see Chinese Students Protest ‘Invasive’ Gynecological Exams Needed For Government Jobs by Adam Taylor posted 11/28/2012 on Business Insider).

On Monday morning in Wuhan, Hubei Province, over 10 Chinese students protested the inclusion of invasive gynecological exams in the screening process for new civil service applicants, according to Legal Daily…

According to Legal Daily, one student said the manual on physical examinations for civil service recruits requires gynecological exams to diagnose sexually transmitted diseases and malignant tumors. The manual also requires information on menstrual history.

Men are not required to undergo similar examinations. Legal expert Han Guijun, an associate law professor at the Wuhan-based Zhongnan University of Economics and Law, told the paper that the practice may be against Chinese laws, and is “too invasive” for women…

According to Xinhua, around 1.12 million people took the National Public Servant Exam to become a civil servants. Only 21,000 government positions are expected to be filled this year, and the government says only 1 in 53 applicants will get a government job.

As bad as requiring women to get invasive gynecological exams these numbers are even more disturbing.  Around 1.12 million people are applying for a government job.  With only 21,000 openings that means less than 2% taking these exams will get one of these jobs.  Yet some women will endure an invasive gynecological exam for less than a 2% chance of getting a job.  Which tells you that the economy may be booming in China but the best jobs are still the government jobs in the Communist Party.  Which means all of that great economic growth can’t be all that great.  Not if people would rather work for the government than in the quasi private sector.  For government workers probably don’t have to live like a factory worker.  In a factory dorm a short walk from their workstation in that factory.

This is why China has the growth they do.  And why the U.S. cannot compete against their manufacturing base.  For instead of unions with costly pension and health care benefits they have workers living in onsite dormitories.  While the most ambitious people, those who can score the highest on those civil service exams, and the women with the cleanest uteruses, don’t settle for the factory jobs.  No.  They want those cushy government jobs.  Even if it means enduring an invasive gynecological exam.


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