Cost Pressures in the NHS Delay Ambulances at Hospitals turning Police Cars into Ambulances

Posted by PITHOCRATES - November 17th, 2012

Week in Review

Britain’s NHS has long been struggling to reduce wait times.  Something that is a consequence of service rationing.  When you don’t have the budget to treat all patients at the same time you make some patients wait until the patients ahead of them have been treated.  The more patients and/or the fewer health care services available the longer the wait time.  And this waiting is even extending beyond the hospital (see North Wales Police ‘take calls for busy ambulances’ posted 11/13/2012 on BBC News Wales).

North Wales Police are being called to help people who need paramedics because ambulances are often too busy, according to rank-and-file officers.

North Wales Police Federation chairman Brian Robinson said officers were doing so regularly and sometimes did not know if or when ambulances would come…

Mr Robinson, whose organisation represents lower ranking police officers, told the BBC it was not just that officers were left waiting for ambulances to arrive but were actually dispatched to accidents on occasion because there were not any ambulances to send.

“They are tied up at the hospitals and we are the only people that can actually help…

“We will do our best, as we always will in these circumstances, but what my worry is that out of misguided desire to do the best for people, officers could face discipline procedures or even worse, facing an investigation into a death in police custody.”

Apparently it’s taking so long for hospital staff to become available to unload and process the patients from these ambulances that they’re preventing these ambulances from returning to service.  This is the cost of national health care.  Longer wait times.  Even for ambulances.  Forcing the police to step up and provide ambulance duty.  Until, that is, someone sues them for a wrongful death.  All because they tried to save a life instead of just letting someone die.

Yet another illustration of what we have to look forward to under Obamacare.  Or whatever Obamacare becomes.  Longer wait times.  In the hospitals.  And when waiting for an ambulance.  For if it’s happening in the nation that holds their national health care dear it will happen anywhere.  Even in the United States.  Where things will probably be worse.  As the US has 5 times the population.  And no doubt will have 5 times the patients.  As well as 5 times the wait times.

You see, the problem is that free health care is not free.  It’s just a different and less efficient way of paying for it.  Which is what leads to service rationing.  And those longer wait times.  The poorer efficiency.  Which is always what you get whenever you increase the bureaucracy of anything.  And that’s exactly what Obamacare will do to the US health care system.  Make it as efficient and enjoyable as waiting to renew your driver’s license.  Only you’ll be waiting longer.  And be more frightened and/or sick.


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