California goes Too Far and a Long-Time Californian Business may leave for Friendlier Climes

Posted by PITHOCRATES - November 11th, 2012

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California loves intrusive government.  They have environmental regulations that are more demanding than the rest of the nation.  And more costly to business.  It is why gasoline prices are the highest in California.  It’s also why a lot of businesses are leaving California.  Even Hollywood is feeling the high cost of doing business.  And are shooting more and more movies on location where there are lower costs.  But Californians are okay with all of this.  They even just voted a massive tax hike to help pay for this intrusive government.  But along with these new tax hikes Californians did something else.  Something that goes beyond the pale.  Something that businesses may respond to with their feet.  And leave this governmental overreach into the private sector economy (see Porn stars angry at condom requirement, threaten to leave L.A. posted 11/7/2012 on the Los Angeles Times).

AIDS activists called a requirement that porn performers wear condoms while filming a “referendum on the subject of safer sex.”

But with almost all the votes tallied and Measure B winning passage, many in the adult film industry were wondering what’s next for the industry — and whether they must now take their business out of Los Angeles County.

During its campaign against the condom requirement, the industry said 10,000 jobs would be at stake and that film companies might be forced to leave Los Angeles County, taking away an industry worth hundreds of millions of dollars…

“It’s a dark day for porn…somehow measure b passed.” tweeted @FetishMoviesCom.

Under the measure, the cost of the law would be paid for by porn producers, who would have to purchase a public health permit, much like tattoo parlors. Violators would be subject to fines and misdemeanor criminal charges.

This is where they draw the line.  Porn industry jobs.  Probably because of that war on women thing.  Even though this is more a product of the political left.   Normally defenders of free speech and women’s rights.  And here they are.  Acting like Republicans.  Doing something that is not porn-friendly.  And possibly putting thousands of women out of work.  Talk about your war on women.

It’s a pity people didn’t feel this impassioned for all of those other anti-business policies of the state of California.  For they are killing a lot more jobs then will be lost if the porn industry leaves town.  But I guess some jobs are more important than others.  At least, to those in California.  Who seem to understand the porn industry better than business in general.  Then again, California is a blue state.  A Democrat state.  Who prefer regulating businesses instead of helping businesses.


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