Can we trust Obamacare when the NHS loses 1.8 Million Confidential Patient Records in a Single Year?

Posted by PITHOCRATES - October 28th, 2012

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One of the ways Obamacare is supposed to reduce costs is by digitizing our medical records.  So any of our doctors can pull them up from anywhere.  So that every doctor will always have the most up to date file on us.  The problem is, it just may not be our doctors accessing our records from anywhere.  So some are asking if we should trust the government to protect our confidential information.  For they can look across the Atlantic and see that trusting the government with our confidential information was not a wise thing to do (see NHS lost track of 1.8m patient records in a year with sensitive information found in public bin and for sale on the internet by Jack Doyle posted 10/28/2012 on the Daily Mail).

The NHS lost track of 1.8million confidential patient records in a single year, the Daily Mail can reveal.

In worrying lapses in data security, sensitive paper records have been dumped in public bins and electronic records found for sale on an internet auction site.

The worst cases include details of terminally ill patients being faxed to the wrong number, and patient records being stolen and posted on to the internet.

The total is the equivalent of nearly 5,000 records going missing every day. But the real figure is likely to be much higher because in some incidents it was not known exactly how many records were lost…

The Information Commissioner, Christopher Graham, has levied fines totalling nearly £1million on NHS bodies in the last six months…

Trespassers gained access to the site and copies of records – which dated from the 1950s – were posted on the internet…

The worst breach involved a CD containing 1.6million patient records, including personal details, belonging to Eastern and Coastal Kent PCT. The CD was lost when a filing cabinet went missing during an office move.

The trust was not fined, but signed an undertaking with the ICO not to repeat the error.

The worst breach of patient privacy is punished by a promise not to do that again?  Well, problem solved.  For promises are serious things.  I mean, who has ever broken a promise?

The NHS is taxpayer funded.  So how does that work?  The government fining the government?  Do they reduce the amount of money they spend on health care services?  Does the government then reimburse the NHS Trust?  Or does it simply let more people go without health care?

This is the problem when government provides services.  And the oversight.  The government provides oversight on themselves.  They set the standards.  And they measure if they meet those standards.  Which probably explains why they fix problems with promises.

So is it any wonder that they’ve lost over a million confidential patient records?  No.  Will it be any wonder when Obamacare loses over a million confidential patient records?  Probably not.  Because bureaucrats are bureaucrats.  So digitizing our medical records is probably not a good idea.  For that matter, neither is Obamacare.  Based on the real world example provided by the NHS.


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