Your Odds of Dying in an NHS Hospital Soar if you are Admitted on a Weekend

Posted by PITHOCRATES - October 20th, 2012

Week in Review

If you want to calculate your odds of surviving a weekend admission to a hospital under Obamacare just look at a recent British study.  Which, depending on your life-threatening emergency, your odds of living through the weekend are not very good (see Hospital patients ‘up to 42% more likely to die’ if admitted at weekends by Sophie Borland posted 10/16/2012 on the Daily Mail).

Critically-ill patients are up to 42 per cent more likely to die in hospital if they are admitted at weekends, it has emerged.

Studies have already shown that the death rate goes up for patients brought in on Saturday or Sunday, when few senior staff are on duty and scans and x-rays are rarely carried out.

But for the first time researchers have calculated just how sharply these rates go up for different illnesses.

Mortality rates are 42 per cent higher for patients with liver disease, and 40 per cent higher for those with hardening of the arteries.

Patients who had an aortic aneurism – a potentially fatal burst blood vessel – were found to be 37 per cent more likely to die if admitted at weekends.

Stroke patients are 15 per cent more likely to die and rates are 15 per cent higher for those with kidney failure…

A report by the Dr Foster Unit last year found that patients with any type of illness were 10 per cent more likely to die if admitted at the weekend.

In two NHS trusts, Scarborough and North East and the Royal Wolverhampton, weekend death rates were more than 30 per cent higher.

This just doesn’t happen in Britain.  Hospitals in the US even have smaller weekend staffs.  However, this problem is exasperated in the UK because of the NHS.  A national health care system that is busting at the seams.  The cost pressures are so great that the NHS is cutting about £5 billion (about $8 billion US) a year to save £15 billion to £20 billion (about $24 billion to $32 billion US) by 2014.  Because the demands of an aging population are just overwhelming the NHS.  Which is causing longer wait times and rationing of services.  As well as doctor and nurse shortages.  Leading to staffing reductions on the weekend.  Much to the peril of any poor patient unlucky enough to have a health care emergency on a weekend.

This will be the future of Obamacare.  As they try to give everything to everyone the health care system will soon be busting at the seams.  So Obamacare, too, will suffer longer wait times and rationing of services.  As well as doctor and nurse shortages.  Especially on weekends.  Why?  Because America has an aging population, too.  As well as about five times the population of the UK.  So whatever problems the NHS is having they will probably have the same problems in Obamacare.  Only they will be worse.  Because Obamacare will be treating about five times the patients the NHS treats.


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