Obamacare may lead to more Elderly Women suffering from Breast Cancer

Posted by PITHOCRATES - October 20th, 2012

Week in Review

The NHS is in the midst of budget cutting.  Cutting about £5 billion (about $8 billion US) a year to save £15 billion to £20 billion (about $24 billion to $32 billion US) by 2014.  And it isn’t easy.  Costs have risen because of an aging population.  Something current tax revenue simply can’t keep up with.  So they have to find ways to cut costs.  And that is usually done by increasing wait times and rationing of services.  So as they cut costs that aging population will continue to increase the demands on the NHS.  Requiring even longer wait times.  And even more rationing.  Making it even more difficult for the NHS to handle the explosion in breast cancer rates coming (see Breast cancer timebomb fear: Experts warn that NHS faces crisis as number of women living with disease is set to treble to 1.7m by Sophie Borland posted 10/15/2012 on the Daily Mail).

Soaring numbers of women living with breast cancer will leave the NHS in crisis, researchers warn today.

Nearly 1.7million will be coping with the illness by 2040 – three times as many as today.

The increase will be partly caused by our ageing population, with breast cancer far more common in the over-50s…

Experts say that unless the health service makes major changes, it will be unable to cope with the surge.

They fear it will not have the resources to help growing numbers of women deal with breast cancer treatment, side effects and living with the disease…

There is widespread concern that elderly women are often diagnosed with breast cancer too late and are not always offered the best treatment…

Some doctors are reluctant to offer surgery to remove tumours for women in their 70s and 80s as they think they are too frail.

Studies have shown that some will simply look at a woman’s date of birth when deciding whether to offer her surgery to remove tumours.

Once again someone will have to make some difficult decisions as who gets those limited NHS resources and who doesn’t.  Just as they will have to under Obamacare.  As the US has an aging population, too.  Some bureaucrat will have to make life and death decisions for other people.  Even though our health care professionals won’t call this a death panel it will act as a death panel nonetheless.  Because when you try to give everything to everyone you will run out of health care resources long before you treat everyone.  So when it comes to treating a 70 year old woman with breast cancer versus a hysterectomy for a 40 year old woman, the odds are that the 40 year old woman will get her surgery.  Because she will enjoy a longer life after the surgery.  In which she will be able to pay more income taxes to help fund the NHS.  Or Obamacare.



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