Because of Idiots Queensland raises Fines for Accidents at Railroad Crossings

Posted by PITHOCRATES - October 14th, 2012

Week in Review

Despite how dangerous trying to beat a train at a railroad crossing is people do it all of the time.  YouTube is full of videos of people trying to beat trains at crossings and losing.  It happens far more than most people probably think.  And being that a train has no steering wheel and sometimes takes a mile to stop, they should.  In Queensland, Australia, they’re trying something else to get people to think before they cross (see Fines for ignoring rail crossing warnings doubled by Tony Moore posted 10/15/2012 on the Brisbane Times Queensland).

Motorists or pedestrians who ignore warnings that a train is approaching a rail crossing and race into it can now be fined $8800, a frustrated Transport Minister Scott Emerson has announced.

The maximum fine has been doubled – up from $4400 – after a string of incidents last week caused accidents and triggered hours of transport congestion.

‘‘I have had a gutful of drivers who ignore the rules and go into these areas causing incidents at our level crossings,’’ Mr Emerson said.

‘‘These idiots cause massive disruption to our public transport system,’’ he said…

In the past 12 months, boom gates have been struck by vehicles 194 times and 180,000 rail commuters have been delayed.

There are few locomotive engineers who haven’t killed someone at a grade crossing.  It’s a horrific thing to have to live through.  And with.  Because all they can do is blow their whistle and slam on the brakes.  Which rarely stops a train in time.  Or it could even cause a more dangerous derailment.  It’s especially hard when you kill a car full of kids.

Will this help prevent grade crossing accidents?  Perhaps.  Some people may alter their behavior.  But probably not the young.  Who do stupid things.  Because they’re not mature enough to make responsible decisions.  They drink while under age.  Do drugs.  Have unprotected sex.  They drive recklessly.  And even drive around railroad crossing gates while a locomotive is speeding towards them at 67 mph.

As a side note these are also the people who vote overwhelmingly Democrat.  And who Democrats aggressively court during election campaigns.  Why?  Because responsible, mature people tend to vote Republican.  But the cool people vote Democrat.  Because the Democrats don’t frown on the fun things kids like to do.

Should we raise the voting age?  To match the drinking age?  Or should we lower the drinking age to match the voting age.  The overwhelming majority would probably not want to do the latter.  So would they support the former?  Perhaps.  But the youth vote would probably thwart any such change.  As well as the liberal Democrats who need the youth vote to get them elected.  As the responsible and mature people won’t vote for them.


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