In the Coming Years the NHS will Suffer Budget Cuts, Rationing and Poor Patient Care

Posted by PITHOCRATES - October 7th, 2012

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The problem with national health care is that it is very, very expensive.  It’s one of the most expensive things a government can do.  And there comes a time a government can’t just keep raising taxes, or can’t keep borrowing money, any more.  And when a government reaches that point in time this is what happens (see NHS budget may be cut after election, says Hunt by Rowena Mason posted 10/4/2012 on The Telegraph).

The NHS budget may have to be cut after the next election if the economic crisis worsens, the new Health Secretary has suggested…

The NHS is already having to make savings because it is accustomed to its budget rising by more than inflation to deal with an ageing and growing population. It may also have to find up to £5billion a year to pay for the Dilnot reforms, which propose a cap on how much people must pay towards their elderly care..

Hospital bosses are already warning that the NHS savings needed before 2015 will harm patient care.

Finance directors working in the NHS said last week that the service has coped so far but things will get worse next year. In a survey for the King’s Fund, 40 per cent said that patient care would get worse in the coming years and the NHS would miss its overall target of making £20billion efficiency savings by 2015.

Free health care turns out to be very expensive health care.  Especially with an aging population.  Which is why the future of national health care is budget cuts, rationing and poor patient care.  As it will be under Obamacare.  After it puts the private health insurance companies out of business.  So they can transform Obamacare into the national health care system they always wanted.  And when it does there will be budget cuts, rationing and poor patient care.  Because America has an aging population, too.


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