Australia votes down Gay Marriage

Posted by PITHOCRATES - October 7th, 2012

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It would appear the Americans aren’t the only ones voting down gay marriage.  When it appears in a referendum the Americans have consistently voted against the measure.  While Left used the courts to go against the will of the people in some cases.  But, by in large, despite President Obama’s changing his position on gay marriage this election cycle, the Americans are not ready to redefine what marriage is.  A union between a man and a woman.  Just like in Australia (see Gay marriage ‘conclusively’ defeated, says Kevin Andrews by AAP posted 10/6/2012 on The Australian).

THE gay marriage debate had been “conclusively won” and the matter was “settled”, a Liberal frontbencher told a Christian lobby group today.

Opposition families spokesman Kevin Andrews addressed the Australian Christian Lobby’s national conference in Canberra today…

Outside the conference at the Hyatt Hotel about 20 marriage equality campaigners protested with banners and chanted “hey hey ho ho these homophobes have got to go,” as a sole policeman watched on.

I don’t know if those who oppose gay marriage are homophobes.  It is just a matter of conscience.  There are a lot of Christians in the world.  And the world is a better place for it.  Even those who fought their parents all during their turbulent teens will agree.  Which is why so many of them now take their children to church.  So their children will grow up without doing everything they did as a child.  And not make the same mistakes they did.  Despite all of their parents’ protestations.  It’s not because they are hypocrites.  Is just that they grew up.  And have learned that their parents were only trying to do what was best for their children.  As they are doing now that they are parents.  Funny how that works.

Faith is important.  And when their faith does not include gay marriage they cannot in good conscience vote for it.  Nor can their representatives.  But it doesn’t make them homophobes.  For they’re just saying ‘no’ to gay marriage.  They’re not trying to round up gays like they are in Iran.  They just want to keep marriage what it has always been.  A union between a man and a woman.  The partnership that makes it possible to raise a family.  Should a married couple choose to raise a family.


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