Timberlake loves the Pontiac GTO even though His Presidential Candidate wants to put us in Electric Cars and Hybrids

Posted by PITHOCRATES - October 6th, 2012

Week in Review

Justin Timberlake is an incredible talent.  One of the best hosts of Saturday Night Live ever.  He’s a true triple threat.  He can sing, dance and act.  And he’s funny.  He probably could go far on Dancing with the Stars.  And no doubt be a huge ratings getter for them.  His talent has made him super rich.  Which is okay.  He earned it.  The only thing to take issue with him is in his political endorsements.  He supports President Obama.  Despite his love for things the Obama administration and the Democrat Party want to take away from ordinary Americans (see Justin Timberlake falls for old Pontiac GTO by Bryan Alexander posted 10/5/2012 on USA Today).

Eastwood drives a classic Ford Mustang in the flick, while Timberlake drives a 1967 Pontiac GTO convertible. Their happy expressions inside the vehicles isn’t just acting. Timberlake loved his so much, that he just had to have it.

“I kept driving that car around, and driving it around and finally I just said, ‘yeaaaaahh,’ ” Timberlake tells USA TODAY.

Yeah, that’s a feeling a lot of Americans have had with their love of muscle cars.  But, alas, most Americans can no longer indulge in these passions.  First of all, the federal government has an all out war on cars with big engines.  And, secondly, they’re running up the price of gasoline so high that only rich people can enjoy these toys anymore.  Instead they push us into electric cars and hybrids that we don’t want.  While the super rich, like Timberlake, and other Democrat supporters in Hollywood and in the entertainment world and the mainstream media, can enjoy the cars they tell us not to drive.  Something isn’t right about that.

Americans should be able to enjoy cars like Justin Timberlake can without being as rich as he is.  Like our fathers did by working a job after high school so they could put gasoline into their beloved muscle cars.  That’s the America we want.  Not what the Left wants to impose on us.  We just want to enjoy the simple things.  Like Timberlake can.  Driving the open road with the top down.  With the noise of the engine playing sweeter music than any sound system has ever played.  But these sweet instruments are lucky to get 12 miles to the gallon.  Which makes it expensive to drive them when Democrat policies have raised gas prices up to $4 a gallon.  Or more.

The Democrats say they are for the working man.  But their policies definitely favor the super rich.



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