India wants to Burn U.S. Coal in their Coal-Fired Power Plants if the Americans are Foolish Enough not to Burn it in Theirs

Posted by PITHOCRATES - October 6th, 2012

Week in Review

India is one of the leaders in solar and wind power.  They have one of the world’s largest solar power plants.  Charanka Solar Park.  Adding about 200 megawatts to the electric grid.  When the sun shines.  India has about 15,000 megawatts worth of installed windmills.  When the wind blows they provide about 2% of India’s electric power.  India also has about 37,000 megawatts of hydroelectric power.  Which provides about 20% of their total electric power.  When the rains come.  So the Indians are serious when it comes to renewable energy.  Of course, they know that solar and wind power are more novelties than serious providers of electric power.  No, the big daddy of electric power in India?  Coal (see Tata Power scouts for overseas coal assets by Malini Menon posted 10/4/2012 on Reuters).

Tata Power (TTPW.NS) is looking for more overseas coal assets, a top executive said, joining the growing number of companies in the energy-hungry nation looking to secure supplies abroad amid a widening domestic shortfall.

“We are continuously looking at the other geographies and today, the options are the U.S., Colombia and Africa,” Managing Director Anil Sardana said, pointing to logistics, cost and sustainability of contracts…

Coal accounts for two-thirds of power production in India, which is struggling to meet the demands of a fast-growing economy and increasingly affluent population of around 1.2 billion people.

With all that investment in solar and wind power coal-fired power plants still provide about two-thirds of all electric power.  Which means coal and hydro provide close to 90% of all their power.  And solar and wind account for less than 10% of their electric power generation.  When the sun shines and the wind blows.

So the Indians want to buy U.S coal.  As do the Chinese.  You know who doesn’t want to buy U.S. coal?  The U.S. government.  They don’t want any Americans buying American coal.  And are aggressively trying to shutter coal-fired power plants.  Because of global warming.  Even though in all likelihood someone will burn that coal.  It just won’t be Americans.  So instead of China and India suffering rolling blackouts it will be the US.  Because of an energy policy dominated by environmental alarmists.

The Indians know they need coal-fired power plants.  The Chinese know they need coal-fired power plants.  But for some reason the Obama administration and his political base don’t understand that we need coal-fired power plants.  Perhaps they will when those power hungry server centers suffer rolling blackouts and shut off their online activities.  Perhaps they will only appreciate reliable coal after they lose all the comforts of life they take for granted.  Pity they aren’t as smart as the Indians and the Chinese.


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