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Posted by PITHOCRATES - September 23rd, 2012

Week in Review

Steve Jobs is no longer with us.  God rest his soul.  But the company he built, Apple, that gave us great things carries on.  But has it lost a little of that magic spark?  The genius that was Steve Jobs?  Yes.  Based on the release of Apple Maps in iOS 6.  Which some have called a debacle.  And something that would not have happened under Jobs.  Which shows us how unique a CEO is.  And how this one person can make the difference between success and failure.  Between a great company.  And a good company.  Despite the attacks on CEOs and their compensation (see Tim Cook Continues to Slowly Kill Post-Steve Jobs Apple by Rocco Pendola posted 9/21/2012 on Forbes).

That said, so much of what matters in tech’s big picture has to do with what will happen tomorrow, not all that’s good about what’s happening today…

Former Intel (INTC) chief Andy Grove wrote a timeless book about leadership, Only the Paranoid Survive. He felt in good times, great leaders needed an attitude of “this too shall pass,” using the time to anticipate threats and prepare themselves to respond fast and effectively.

Grove discusses “Strategic Inflection Points,” where something happens — a shift in technology, new regulations, a competitive salvo — that changes a company’s business overnight. In a blurb on Grove’s book, Steve Jobs said, “You must learn about Strategic Inflection Points, because sooner or later you are going to live through one.”

Because it lacks credible competition, Apple faces few external threats that we know of. Of course, that’s the tricky part about external threats; you do not necessarily see them coming. Great CEOs have to act, in part, like Hollywood producers, dreaming up seemingly unthinkable alternative scenarios to the status quo.

It is a singular vision that defines a company.  From a small startup to a Fortune 500 corporation.  And at the helm is a CEO.  Providing that singular vision.  Someone who can see what others cannot.  Who can see what isn’t there.  Someone who makes change.  Who leads the way.  They don’t follow.  These are people that help us understand that the new thing they created is something that we can’t live without.  This was who Steve Jobs was.  And why the world has so few Steve Jobs.

It is the singular vision of a CEO that makes the world a better place.


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