China and Japan get Belligerent over Possible Gas Reserves while the US gives up on Energy Independence

Posted by PITHOCRATES - September 23rd, 2012

Week in Review

Environmentalists are waging a war on coal.  Shutting down as many coal-fired power plants as possible.  They are also trying to shut down natural gas production that uses hydraulic fracturing.  They’ve shut down oil exploration on public lands.  And they’ve pretty much shuttered the nuclear power industry.  So that’s what the Americans are doing about their energy needs.  Basically shooting themselves in the foot.  So what are other nations doing about their energy needs (see Anti-Japan Protests in China posted 9/17/2012 on the Atlantic)?

A long-standing conflict over the sovereignty of a group of eight tiny, uninhabited islands in the East China Sea has resulted in dozens of anti-Japanese protests across China, some violent… Beyond national pride, potentially large gas reserves and fishing rights have raised the stakes, and China is now moving to assert its claim to the islands, contain the demonstrations at home, and respond forcefully to what it sees as a major Japanese provocation.

They nearly go to war.

China and Japan are two energy hungry nations.  Who don’t have enough domestic energy resources.  So they act aggressively to provide their energy needs.  While the US shutters theirs.  Even tries to export their coal to China.  Giving up on energy independence.  And this from the number one economy in the world.  Well, number one so far.


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