Jessica Alba is a Movie Star, Mother and Small Business Owner who uses Venture Capital

Posted by PITHOCRATES - September 15th, 2012

Week in Review

Jessica Alba is a movie star.  Mother.  Small business owner.  And Democrat.  She and her husband hosted the closing party at the recent Democrat National Convention in Charlotte.  So she’s pretty active in supporting her political party.  And she’s probably not a fan of Republican candidate Mitt Romney.  Probably a good thing, then, that she didn’t go to Bain Capital to raise her venture capital (see Jessica Alba: Running A Startup Is Really Hard, You Have To Be Passionate About What You Do by Sarah Perez posted 9/10/2012 on TechCrunch).

Kicking off the TechCrunch Disrupt SF 2012 sessions were The Honest Company co-founders, actress Jessica Alba and Brian Lee, also of ShoeDazzle, Teeology and LegalZoom. The two teamed up to launch Honest, an e-commerce startup offering a line of eco-friendly products for baby, family, and home. The company raised a $27 million Series A from General Catalyst, Lightspeed Venture Partners, and Institutional Venture Partners in March this year, and first experimented with the trendy subscription-based service model for selling products, later opening up to offer the ability to directly buy from the website.

Given that Honest isn’t really a “tech” startup — Lee described it as a “mission-based company” — it faces different sorts of challenges than some of the other startups in the industry. But one thing that’s not different from the rest? According to Alba, “it’s really, really, really hard” to do a startup.

“It’s so hard,” Alba said, “you’re working day and night. It actually never stops. If you’re not so passionate and working day and night, it’s not going to happen.”

She no doubt will support her party in their attacks on the evils of venture capital firms like Bain Capital even while using venture capital herself to launch a startup business.  So venture capital is bad.  Unless you need some yourself.  Then of course it’s okay.  Just hope that her venture capital firm doesn’t bankrupt her business.  And throw all of her employees out of a job.  Putting them on the streets with no health care.  For if you listen to the Democrat campaign ads that is a very real possibility.

She probably should be more careful in her remarks, too.  For she did not credit the role of government or their roads and bridges in the making of her business.  She seems be taking full credit for working day and night.  And being passionate.  Almost as if she’s building this business herself.  If she’s not careful her party may reprimand her for suggesting that small business owners build their own businesses without the help of government.  Or by winning life’s lottery.  Which of course is preposterous according to the Democrat Party.

Jessica Alba is now a small business owner.  The backbone of this county.  Let’s wish her nothing but success so her business grows and creates jobs.  Lots of them.  So she can experience the joy of complying with some regulatory policy like Obamacare.  Boy, will that be an eye opener for her.  It could very well change her political affiliation.  As most small business owners tend to vote Republican.  Even the ones who start out as Democrats.  Because once they experience what it’s like doing business under the anti-business policies of the Democrat Party they tend to have a political realignment.


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