Britain is revisiting the Laws of Voluntary Euthanasia to End a Patient’s Suffering

Posted by PITHOCRATES - September 9th, 2012

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Some people with a terminal illness suffer horribly.  And there are some who would like to help these people not suffer so much.  Through voluntary euthanasia.  As long as it’s not a doctor killing these patients (see Terminal illness sufferers ‘should be allowed help to die’ says new minister by John-Paul Ford Rojas posted 9/8/2012 on The Telegraph).

Anna Soubry said current laws on voluntary euthanasia were dishonest and needed to “evolve” to allow people to die at home.

But Ms Soubry, in her first interview as Under-Secretary of State for Health, maintained her opposition to allowing doctors to end patients’ lives…

[Labour minister Lord Falconer of Thoroton] said the commission came to the same conclusion “that you should assist people to kill themselves subject to stringent safeguards but not allow doctors to kill their patients”.

Odd, really.  Doctors can’t kill people who are suffering and who have already lived their lives.  But doctors can kill an unborn child with an entire life ahead of that child.  And it is a life in the womb because people have sued those responsible for harming their unborn child.  Making euthanasia and abortion complicated issues indeed.

Further complicating these issues is national health care.  Specifically, the rising costs of national health care.  For if they start a policy of euthanasia how long will it be before they use it to address those rising costs?  For some already justify abortion as the less expensive option of bringing an unwanted, state-supported child into the world.


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