Republicans are such Old Fogies that they aren’t Expected to Take in the Naked Ladies of Tampa

Posted by PITHOCRATES - August 26th, 2012

Week in Review

The Republican National Convention will be in Tampa.  A city famous for one thing one would normally not associate with Republicans.  Naked ladies.  The Democrat Party of Bill Clinton, perhaps.  But the Republicans?  Not quite (see Tampa’s strip-club king ready for Republicans by Tamara Lush, The Associated Press, posted 8/20/2012 on The Vancouver Sun).

More than sunshine, cigars or the rollercoasters at Busch Gardens, Tampa is known for its naked ladies.

Tampa and strip clubs are often mentioned together, like New York City and the Statue of Liberty. Or San Francisco and the Golden Gate Bridge. Or St. Louis and the Arch.

And the man in the thick of this spectacle is Joe Redner, who almost single-handedly made Tampa’s adult entertainment world famous. He’s a wiry 72-year-old with an amused smile and skeptical brown eyes who owns what is arguably the most notorious of Tampa’s all-nude clubs: Mons Venus.

The club — located less than six miles from where the Republicans will gather to nominate former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney as their presidential candidate — isn’t much to look at. The blue-and-purple building sits on a busy stretch of road next to a Taco Bell and near where the NFL’s Buccaneers play home games. There’s a sign outside that says “Home of the Most Beautiful Women in the World,” and another: “Live NUDE Shows.”

“I don’t expect the RNC to be as busy as Super Bowl,” Redner said, with a dismissive wave of his hand. “I don’t think those people are coming to party.”

Must be that Republican war on women.  The Republicans must hate women so much that they won’t even support young women (many who are the same age as their daughters) dancing naked for tips.  No wonder women vote Democrat.  Not only do Republicans have old fashioned views on how to treat women they won’t even go 6 miles for a little fun with young naked nubile women grinding into their laps.  Heck, if Republicans had their druthers they’d like to close places like this.  And stop the objectification of women into mere sexual objects.  Talk about being out of touch with American women.

It is interesting that the women who vote Democrat vote for the same candidates that strip club owners and pornographers vote for.  Who make their money by objectifying young women into sexual objects.  Which is worse than anything they can accuse the Republicans of.  Other than making women buy birth control pills.  Sure, that’s pretty awful and Neanderthal-like.  But does it rise to the level of paying women only for their ability to look good in the nude?


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