Obamacare caused Economic Uncertainty that Retarded Job Growth which may cause Heart Disease and Cancer

Posted by PITHOCRATES - August 18th, 2012

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President Obama got it wrong.  In trying to make Americans healthier he has made them sicker.  Because his policies have destroyed the economy.  Small business owners are so confused about what Obamacare will do to them that they won’t hire anyone unless they absolutely have to.  Jobs are scarce and people aren’t spending for fear that they, too, will lose their job.   It turns out making Obamacare a priority in his first two years was a big mistake.  Not only for the economy.  But for our own wellbeing.  For laughter may be the best medicine.  But a job appears to be the best preventative medicine there is (see Health Suffering In Austerity Britain by Thomas Moore posted 8/14/2012 on Sky News).

The economic downturn is having a significant impact on the nation’s health, according to a survey of GPs.

The research shows 17% of family doctors report more women are requesting abortions for financial reasons, while 77% have seen more patients seeking medical help for anxiety disorders.

Nearly two-thirds of the GPs said their patients are drinking more to cope. A total of 60% have given up sports activities because of financial hardship.

The survey of 300 GPs by the Insight Research Group found 76% said their patients were becoming unhealthier because of the economic climate…

“Heart disease and even cancer are linked to unemployment. So the more people we can keep in work – and keep in work healthily – means we will have a healthier nation in future.”

It is rather ironic.  To make Americans healthier he championed Obamacare into to law.  Which will provide health care for everyone.  Whether they want it or not.  But in the process the president tanked the economy.  Which will make people sicker.  Stressing the health care system.  Calling for cost savings and rationing of health care services at exactly the same time more people are getting sick.  Whereas if he didn’t champion Obamacare into law the recession may not have become the Great Recession.  And the recession may have already ended.  With unemployment falling.  And people finding jobs.  That either provide health insurance.  Or at least provide income for people so they don’t have to abort their babies, give up their sports activities, suffer anxiety, eat poorly or become drunks.  Thus avoiding the costly treatments of heart disease and cancer.

So president Obama’s policies are not only bad for the economy.  They may be bad for our health.  Further reason to repeal Obamacare.  Before it can do any more harm.



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