Street Prostitution makes Life Difficult for Families on those same Streets

Posted by PITHOCRATES - July 22nd, 2012

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It’s the world’s oldest profession.  And a crime in most parts of the world.  But a victimless crime.  When it’s between two consenting adults.  Of course that is open to debate as a lot of the women in the industry may have entered it in less than voluntary ways.  But for the sake of the argument let’s say that it is a victimless crime and that it is always between two consenting adults.  Between unmarried and otherwise unattached consenting adults.  Then of course it would be a victimless crime.  Prostitution.  For whose business is it what two consenting adults do in private (see New Zealand sex workers, community ‘poles’ apart by Christine Roberts posted 7/17/2012 on the Daily News)?

Prostitutes have allegedly destroyed over 40 parking-sign poles in South Auckland in the last 18 months by dancing on them to solicit clients, according to a booklet endorsed by the Auckland city council and obtained by the New Zealand Herald.

The Otara-Papatoetoe Local Board of the Auckland city council published the booklet, which contains personal accounts from locals about their interactions with street prostitutes, as part of its fight to ban sex workers from soliticiting clients in areas near homes, schools and sports grounds.

“Prostitutes use these [street signs] as dancing poles,” Donna Lee, a manager of two local business districts in South Auckland told Fairfax NZ News…

New Zealand has boasted some of the most liberal sex-working laws in the world since it decriminalized the sex trade in 2003.

Lee said that business owners in her neighborhood have become so resigned to the situation that they no longer report it to local authorities and clean up their properties — which are often littered with condom, drugs and human waste — on their own…

Local John Lee said he decided to move from Papatoetoe, a suburb northwest of Manukau, when he found two people having sex on his property.

“A couple against the fence were copulating and my ten-year-old daughter was awake and screamed out at them and that’s when we decided we have to go,” he said,” John Lee told TVNZ.

Apparently that’s the problem.  These consenting adults aren’t doing their business in private.  They don’t appear to be very mindful of property, either.  Public or private.  And they’re not very clean.  Or care about the environment.  Littering the pristine planet with soiled condoms.  Which aren’t very biodegradable.

It’s easy to say you support liberal sex-working laws.  To say that you’re enlightened and liberal on social issues.  Unless it’s happening around your house.  In front of your daughter.  Then it’s a different matter.  When people are not considerate of those around them.  Because we want our children to be able to enjoy being children.  And not step on soiled condoms.  Human waste.  Or drug paraphernalia.  When they step out of their home.

Everything changes when you become a parent.  It’s why parents tend to be conservative on social issues.  Because they have to protect their children.  And it’s a whole lot easier to do when street prostitution is illegal.  As well as drugs.  It’s why many liberals become conservatives as they grow up.  Because they become parents.  And once they do their world changes.  They see it’s not all about them anymore.  That life isn’t just about the here and now.  It’s about the future.  Their children’s future.  And all that stuff they rebelled about against their parents?  Well, they eventually understand why their parents did what they did.  And find themselves doing the same.  Continuing the good fight.  For their children.


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