Canadian Doctors earn too much according to Canada’s Health Minister

Posted by PITHOCRATES - July 21st, 2012

Week in Review

This one is for the U.S. doctors.  Here’s what you can look forward to working under Obamacare (see Number of millionaire doctors in Ontario appalls health minister by Jonathan Jenkins and Antonella Artuso posted 7/16/2012 on the Toronto Sun).

Ontario’s millionaire medics are overpaid, the province’s health minister said Monday.

“I was appalled when I saw how many were making in excess of $1 million,” Health Minister Deb Matthews said Monday of a list that in 2010, was 407 names long. “Some doctors are getting paid too much…

The Toronto Sun revealed last week through an access to information request Ontario’s top billing doctor in 2010 made a staggering $6.4 million and that five other physicians pulled in more than $3 million that year.

The list of 407 million-plus earners is dominated by cardiologists, radiologists and ophthalmologists.

Cardiologists operate on the human heart.  Radiologists study internal imaging to diagnose things like brain tumors.  And they use radioactive materials to treat patients.  Ophthalmologists do things with the human eye.  Allowing us to maintain our vision.  All complex and demanding fields.  Requiring enormous amounts of education.  Training.  Continuing education.  Long hours.  And enormous stress levels.  Not everyone can do this.  Some don’t even want to try.  Some would rather do something far easier.  Like working in the government.  Where they can tell these hard-working doctors that they make too much money.  And tell them how much money is enough for them.

“Ontario’s (doctors) are the best paid in the country,” she said. “Alberta is close but I can’t imagine that there’s any place else that they could earn more.

“Tell me where. There is just nowhere where they will be better compensated.”

Once upon a time these doctors could have gone to the U.S.  But that was then.  Now we have Obamacare.  Which won’t treat them any better.  So U.S. doctors take a look to what’s happening up north.  This is your future.

What is amazing is that they say these doctors are earning too much.  Yet these same people don’t say superstars that make tens of millions per year earn too much.  And they never performed a life-saving operation.  Or treated a person for cancer.  Or even gave the gift of sight to someone.  In fact, you could say that if anyone won life’s lottery it was these superstars.  For they didn’t have to earn it like these doctors did.  And even if these celebrities worked hard (not ‘doctor’ hard but hard) they still live a far better life than these doctors could ever hope to live.

Of course this is what happens in a national health care system.  When it serves an aging population.  Health care costs rise while the number of taxpayers fall.  Requiring higher taxes on the fewer remaining taxpayers.  And when that no longer works you have to cut costs.  As in doctor compensation.  And when that doesn’t work anymore you have to ration medical care.  Which they are doing in national health care systems everywhere.  As they will be in the United States thanks to Obamacare.


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