Canada’s National Health Care forces some Windsor Moms to have their Babies 2 Hours away in London

Posted by PITHOCRATES - July 21st, 2012

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One of the most traveled VIA Rail corridors is between Windsor, Ontario, and Quebec City, Quebec.  There’s a lot of population density along that corridor.  Some of Canada’s biggest cities, too.  Including Toronto and Montreal.  But at the western terminus is the city of Windsor.  Across the river from Detroit, Michigan.  One of the most congested US-Canada border crossing.  A city all Canadians can get to by train.  But apparently health care dollars have trouble reaching (see Change to hospital could force babies, moms to London posted 7/20/2012 on CBC News).

The CEO of Windsor Regional Hospital fears a potential downsizing of its neonatal intensive care unit could mean a loss of doctors and force women to give birth in London.

The province is in the process of reviewing Ontario’s 14 NICUs. Windsor’s NICU is currently classified as a modified Level 3 care centre but wants to become a full Level 3 unit. However, according to CEO David Musyj, the province is looking to increase the number of Level 2 centres and that could mean a demotion for his hospital.

“It will negatively impact 50-60 babies in a year and some 300 moms,” Musyj claims.

Windsor currently has the ability to care for pregnant women and newborns who are a minimum of 26 weeks. A change would mean those women and babies would have to head to London for care.

Why are they doing this?  Why else?  Budget cuts.  Common in a national health care system.  Something we can look forward to under Obamacare.  Once they start cutting costs to make Obamacare more efficient.  Making us travel 2 hours for health care services we once received from our local hospital.

All Canadians pay taxes.  And they will get the health care services those taxes pay for.  It just may take a 2 hour drive to get to your hospital.  Of course the good people of Windsor may be able to shorten that drive time by crossing the most congested US-Canada border crossing.  And paying for their health care in the United States.  Of course with Obamacare that may not be an option for long.

Sad, this free national health care.  It can make getting medical treatment so very hard.  Which is something we have to look forward to under Obamacare.


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