People fed up with Poor Weather Forecasting want to Fine those Forecasters whose Forecasts are Wrong

Posted by PITHOCRATES - July 15th, 2012

Week in Review

Climate forecasting is a very difficult thing to do.  For there are so many variables.  And there’s so much that we still don’t understand about our weather.  Because climate trends typically take decades to track.  Or centuries.  It just isn’t like forecasting tomorrow’s weather.  Something simpler by far (see Netherlands councillors call for fines for wrong weather forecasts by Martin Banks posted 7/15/2012 on The Telegraph).

Local councillors in the Netherlands are calling for weather forecasters who get their predictions wrong to be fined…

It follow claims that wrong forecasts in both the Netherlands and Belgium are damaging outdoor attractions as day trippers cancel plans to go out because of poor weather prospects…

Pieter van Cutsem, who runs a small hotel in Hoek van Holland, agrees that forecasters should be “punished” for incorrect predictions,saying: “Despite having more forecasting tools than ever before they often get it wrong.

Interesting.  With more forecasting tools than ever they still often get tomorrow’s forecast wrong.  People are so furious they want to fine these horrible forecasters.  For you can’t believe a thing they say they are so bad at forecasting tomorrow’s weather.  Yet we’ll change our very lives based on their climate forecasts.  As they scare the bejesus out of us for what will absolutely happen in 10 years if we don’t enact a carbon tax.  A carbon emissions trading scheme.  If we don’t shut down all our coal-fired power plants.  Or replace all of our gasoline-powered cars with plug-in electric hybrids. 

No.  They can’t get tomorrow’s weather forecast correct despite having more forecasting tools than ever.  But we’re to believe everything they say about their forecast of the weather for the next decade out.  That they can get right.  Even if they can’t forecast tomorrow’s weather accurately.  Amazing.


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