President Obama orders Military to Go Green and Buy Biofuels from Prominent Democratic Backers

Posted by PITHOCRATES - July 14th, 2012

Week in Review

And you thought the price at the pump was bad.  At least the E-85 costs less than gasoline.  Even if you have to buy more of it to go as far as a lesser amount of gasoline will take you.  But this is just ridiculous (see U.S. Air Force tests biofuel at $59 per gallon by David Alexander posted 7/15/2012 on Reuters).

The Air Force bought 11,000 gallons of alcohol-to-jet fuel from Gevo Inc, a Colorado biofuels company, at $59 a gallon in a program aimed at proving that new alternative fuels can be used reliably in military aircraft – once, that is, their pricing is competitive with petroleum, which now costs $3.60 a gallon.

The cost of the Air Force demonstration – $639,000 – was far less eye-catching than the $12 million the Navy spent for biofuels to power a carrier strike group on alternative energy for a day.

But it was part of the same Pentagon push, which has escalated under the administration of President Barack Obama, to adopt green solutions to rising fuel costs.

President Obama has directed the military to find green solutions to combat the high cost of fuel.  And one of those green solutions cost 1,538.9% more than the expensive fuel it’s replacing.  So the cheap fuel costs over 15 times what the expensive fuel costs.  I don’t know, something seems wrong here.  This doesn’t make sense.

The Obama administration directed the Navy last year to work with the Agriculture and Energy departments to invest up to $510 million to help private industry partners develop a viable alternative energy market capable of producing cost-competitive marine and jet fuels.

Some companies involved in the push to build a biofuels industry have connections to prominent Democratic backers, further raising Republican skepticism of the effort.

Okay.  Now it makes perfect sense.  It’s just old time politics.  Reward generous contributors.  And screw the people.


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