The Chinese Economy suffers from High Corruption that is a Part of Communism

Posted by PITHOCRATES - July 7th, 2012

Week in Review

The American Left likes to look at China as the way we should do business here in America.  Just like they looked at the Japanese in the Eighties and thought the same thing.  For the Left just hates laissez faire free market capitalism.  They want the government inserted into the economy in a big way.  For they believe that only then can we reach our true economic potential.  Despite what happened in Japan (their deflationary spiral and Lost Decade).  And what’s happening in China (see Chinese Corruption Comes in Staggering Sums by Angela Wang posted 7/2/2012 on The Epoch Times).

Corruption is a massive problem for the Chinese Communist Party, and it cuts both ways, as reflected in the Chinese phrase: “Oppose corruption and destroy the Party, don’t oppose corruption and destroy the nation.”

Lacking the legitimacy to rule conferred by elections and institutions like the rule of law, the Chinese communists must rely on an extralegal system of perks and benefits—also known as corruption—to keep their cadres in the system incentivized and at least minimally obedient. The unchecked power is increasingly getting out of control, however, and with the rise of the Internet and social media, the public is increasingly learning more—much to their anger.

So much for the dictatorship of the proletariat.  Guess Karl Marx got that wrong.  For here are communists accumulating private property through corruption.  So it would appear that communism has been nothing but a scam all along to allow the people at the top to accrue power.  And live very comfortably.

Communism is based on corruption.  It cannot work without corruption.  Because in communism it’s all about who you know.  That’s how you get ahead.  And that’s what liberalism is all about.  Who you know.  For the government loves to pick winners and losers in the economy.  Instead of letting the market do that.  As it does in laissez faire free market capitalism.  Under liberalism, as it is under communism, those who please the ruling elite do well.  While those who don’t do not do quite as well.  And the vast majority just get by.


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