The NHS provides a Glimpse into Obamacare with a Hospital Ward closing due to a Staff Shortage

Posted by PITHOCRATES - June 30th, 2012

Week in Review

After the Supreme Court ruled that Obamacare was Constitutional people have been wondering how that will affect their health care.  Well, thanks to the British National Health Service (NHS) we can look into the future to see what awaits us under Obamacare (see St John’s Hospital children’s ward closed for three weeks posted 6/27/2012 on BBC News Edinburgh, Fife & East Scotland).

A West Lothian hospital has said it will not admit patients to its children’s ward for three weeks during the summer because of a staff shortage…

Trainee paediatric doctors were removed from the hospital in April, reducing doctors available for out-of-hours cover…

The health board said it was not possible to secure enough staff for the three-week period…

Former consultant at St John’s, and Scottish Labour’s health spokesman, Richard Simpson said: “This is not the fault of hard working staff. The SNP is creating an environment in the health service that risks these practices becoming more likely by imposing deep cuts to staffing levels, resulting in staffing levels on the ground being thin…”

The RCN’s Theresa Fyffe said: “Decisions like this indicate how the NHS workforce is stretched to breaking point, which is bad news for families and children in West Lothian, as well as our members, many of whom are already worried about the future of the children’s ward.”

Staffing shortage?  Stretched to the breaking point?  Will this happen here?  Well, considering that the US has about five times the population of the UK, yes.  Doctors who are already fighting the government for Medicare reimbursements that are already below their costs have indicated that they will just stop seeing Medicare patients.  And the doctors who can are thinking about retiring.  Because they spend more of their time being bureaucrats than doctors.  And it’s only going to get worse under Obamacare.  For that bill was 2,000+ pages long.  And the law will only be bigger.

Fewer doctors to see more patients?  Can you say staffing shortage?  Stretched to the breaking point?


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