New Poll shows the Majority of Americans still want Obamacare Repealed

Posted by PITHOCRATES - June 24th, 2012

Week in Review

Americans are giving mixed signals.  First they say they want Obamacare repealed.  And then they say they like parts of Obamacare.  What could possibly explain this (see Most Americans oppose health law but like provisions by Patricia Zengerle posted 6/25/2012 on Reuters UK)?

Fifty-six percent of people are against the healthcare overhaul and 44 percent favor it, according to the online poll conducted from Tuesday through Saturday…

Strong majorities favor most of what is in the law.

A glaring exception to the popular provisions is the “individual mandate,” which requires most U.S. residents to own health insurance.

Sixty-one percent of Americans are against the mandate, the issue at the center of the Republicans’ contention that the law is unconstitutional, while 39 percent favor it…

Support for the provisions of the healthcare law was strong, with a full 82 percent of survey respondents, for example, favoring banning insurance companies from denying coverage to people with pre-existing conditions.

Sixty-one percent are in favor of allowing children to stay on their parents’ insurance until age 26 and 72 percent back requiring companies with more than 50 employees to provide insurance for their employees.

Americans are strongly divided along partisan lines. Among Republicans, 86 percent oppose and 14 percent favor the law and Democrats back it by a 3-to-1 margin, 75 percent to 25 percent, the Reuters/Ipsos poll showed.

But in what could be a key indicator for the presidential contest, people who describe themselves as political independents oppose the law by 73 percent to 27 percent.

Oh, that.  They want all the benefits.  They just don’t want to pay for them.  Some things never change.

You could have guessed the responsible adults, the Republicans, who are always ready to rain on someone’s parade, would be against the law because of its cost and that part about violating the U.S. Constitution.  But what is amazing in this poll is that 73% of independents oppose it as well.  For the independents (and moderates) are more middle-of-the-road people.  So one would expect a split closer to 50-50 than such a large percentage against it.  Then again a lot of these people call themselves fiscally conservative but socially liberal.  So clearly the cost of Obamacare is more important to them than providing free birth control and access to abortion.

It will be interesting to see what the Supreme Court will rule this week.  No doubt they will elate some people.  And devastate others.


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