Woman violates Chinese Regulations by being Pregnant so State aborts her Baby

Posted by PITHOCRATES - June 16th, 2012

Week in Review

Your chances of surviving childhood depends a lot on where you were born.  And whether regulations will permit you to be born (see Late-stage abortion was ‘serious violation’ by Ma Lie in Xi’an posted 6/15/2012 on China Daily).

The family planning authority in Shaanxi province said on Thursday it will show no tolerance to officials who committed a “serious violation” by performing an abortion on a woman seven months pregnant.

An investigation team was sent to Zhenping county this week after images widely circulated online of Feng Jianmei, 23, lying in a hospital bed next to her dead baby girl…

“I was working in the Inner Mongolia autonomous region and received a text message from (a family planning official) saying that if I did not hand over 40,000 yuan ($6,300) to the government my wife would have to abort our child,” said Deng, showing the message, which he had stored on his cell phone.

When asked about the message by China Daily, the official denied sending it, claiming it was a fake and saying he had never requested money from Deng.

Can you imagine anything worse than this?  Bartering a human life for money?

The county’s population and family planning commission denied Feng was forced to have an abortion, saying the operation was performed because she was in breach of regulations and that she had given her consent.

Under the rules, couples in which both husband and wife have rural hukou, or household registration, can have a second child once their first reaches the age of 5. Deng and Feng have a 5-year-old daughter.

However, Feng was born in the Inner Mongolia autonomous region and has no rural hukou in Zhenping, so the couple were not eligible for a second child, Ding Hongxia, an official with the county’s family planning commission, said on Wednesday.

Except, perhaps, this.  Baby aborted because she violated regulations.  Tough people, the Chinese.  They take their regulations seriously.  And will stop at nothing to enforce them.  Even if a baby has been carried to 7 months.  Even pro-life people in the U.S. must feel uneasy about this.

In Sub-Saharan Africa a kid has to beat childhood disease, hunger, war and the occasional genocide to survive.  In China the greatest problem a child has to overcome is being born.  Who would have thought a child has a better chance of surviving childhood in Sub-Saharan Africa than in China?

Interestingly the Left feels more pity for the children in Sub-Saharan Africa than they do for those not born in China.  This is, of course, because they’re pro-choice.  And in their state-planning ways part of them admires the Chinese.  For in an economy where they want the state to run as much as possible abortion is a good way to reign in government expenditures.  It’s sort of like in the movie The China Syndrome at the end.  When Jack Godell locked himself inside the control room of the reactor.  He reduced the output of the dangerous reactor but he did not shut it down completely.  For he said with the reactor on he had power.  With it off he had no power.  It’s the same with the Left.  They like abortion to reduce government expenditures.  But they don’t want to get rid of everyone that might be born into the dependent class of government.  Because then they would lose their power.



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