Obamacare still Unkind to Catholics

Posted by PITHOCRATES - June 16th, 2012

Week in Review

It would appear that President Obama doesn’t like Catholics.  Catholics don’t believe in abortion or birth control.  But Obamacare will force Catholic hospitals, universities and charities to provide them.  Well, at least the birth control and the morning after pill.  For now.  They’ll be time to include regular abortions later (see Catholic group seeks change in birth control policy by David Morgan posted 6/15/2012 on Reuters).

The Obama administration’s decision in January to require employers including religiously affiliated hospitals, universities and charities to provide employees with access to coverage for contraceptives without copays or deductibles has ballooned into a major battle in an election year.

The Catholic Church considers artificial contraception to be a sin and the administration’s demands on contraceptives have been decried as a violation of religious freedom…

The administration policy, authorized under President Barack Obama’s healthcare reform law, covers all contraceptives approved by the Food and Drug Administration including the so-called morning after pill, which women can take after sex to avoid becoming pregnant.

The Obama administration is going ‘all China’ when it comes to family planning.  Provide as much access to birth control and abortion as possible to keep people from getting the disease they call pregnancy.  Yet at the same time they want to grant amnesty to illegal aliens.  Interesting as these issues are related.  How?  One reduces the amount of taxpayers.  The other increases the amount of taxpayers. 

The use of birth control and abortion took off during the Sixties and the Seventies.  Which created a baby bust following the baby boom.  There are now fewer people entering the workforce than there are people leaving the workforce.  So you have a growing retired population supported by a shrinking working population.  You add these numbers up and it equals one thing if you’re a tax and spend liberal.  You need amnesty for illegal aliens to make up for the taxpayers that were never born.  Or austerity.  And as austerity never goes over well with the people they’ll go with amnesty.  Because they don’t want what’s happening in Greece happening here.



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