Carbon Tax coming to Western Australia but no one may have to Pay It

Posted by PITHOCRATES - June 10th, 2012

Week in Review

They’re saving the planet in Western Australia.  With a new carbon tax.  Or so some would want you to believe (see Carbon tax adds $134 to annual power bill by Gareth Parker posted 6/9/2012 on The West Australian).

The average annual household electricity bill in Perth and the South West will rise by $134 from July 1 as a result of the Federal Government’s carbon tax…

The rise is in addition to the projected 3.5 per cent increase in electricity prices the State Government imposed in its Budget last month, which also applies from July 1.

Taken together, the average household’s annual power bill will rise by $183, or $3.52 a week, to $1598.13…

“The average WA household electricity bill will rise by around $2.50 a week – and the Federal Government is providing $10.10 a week on average to households in the form of tax cuts, higher family payments and increases in pensions and benefits,” he said. “This gives the lie to the misleading claims by Tony Abbott that electricity prices would rise by as much as 30 per cent due to the carbon price…”

Synergy is the only retailer of electricity to household customers in Perth and the South West.

Synergy chief Trevor James said it was announcing the rise now to give customers time to plan.

“Of course, the best way to keep electricity bills down is to use less energy and there are many opportunities to cut electricity use,” he said.

So they’re adding a carbon tax to encourage you to use less energy.  But they are giving households tax cuts and payments as well as increasing their pensions and benefits to help people pay this new tax.  I don’t really see how that will encourage anyone to use less energy.  If they are going to fully compensate these households for the added carbon tax.

They are adding a tax.  That they will pay for with more taxes.  Which means more money is coming out of the private sector.  For no net change.  Except, perhaps, buying votes in Perth and the South West.

This is government at its finest.  They’re adding a carbon tax to save the planet.  Pleasing the environmentalists who want this tax.  Whose taxes may be used to undermine the very goal of the carbon tax by letting the people escape this tax.  So they’re screwing the people by not saving the planet.  And they’re screwing the environmentalists.  All the while passing more money through government hands.  Brilliant.  And a bit devious.


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