We should Know by the End of this Year if the Higgs Boson (aka the God Particle) Exists

Posted by PITHOCRATES - June 3rd, 2012

Week in Review

The world may end as we know it at the end of this year.  In more ways than one.  If President Obama gets reelected the U.S. economy may lead the world into a global depression.  Or literally if they create a black hole that swallows the earth at CERN while trying to find the God Particle.  Or they may have to throw away all the physics books if they can’t find it and don’t make the earth disappear into a black hole (see CERN director says LHC will find God Particle by end of the year by Louise Gray posted 6/2/2012 on The Telegraph).

Rolf-Dieter Heuer, director of CERN where the LHC is based, said he was confident that by the end of the year it will be possible to say whether the Higgs Boson, the particle which is responsible for giving mass to the universe, exists.

The theoretical particle, nicknamed the God Particle due to its central role it has in explaining modern physics, has never been detected and scientists have been working for decades to prove its existence.

Scientists hope that high energy collisions of particles in the 17 mile underground tunnel at CERN will finally allow them to create the conditions to allow them to spot the elusive Higgs Boson…

Once the existence of Higgs Boson is known, there will be further work to prove its properties and understand the origins of the universe…

“We will know by the end of this year whether it exists or whether it is non-existent. This would be a huge discovery that after 50 years we are able to describe the visible universe…

CERN require a high level of proof and will only announce that the Higgs Boson exists when there is just a one in three million chance they are wrong.

The Higgs Boson plays the central role in explaining modern physics.  Yet they’re still trying to discover if this God Particle exists.  Which if it doesn’t they may have to rewrite the physics books.  This is hardcore science.  Where no previously held belief or accepted science is safe from being proven false.  At least in the world of theoretical and experimental physics.  Because they play by a different set of rules than they do in environmental ‘science’. 

Have you ever heard an environmental ‘scientist’ talk like this?  Have you ever heard Al Gore say that they may have to rewrite all the global warming books because they might be wrong?  I haven’t.  And neither have you.  Because when it comes to environmental ‘science’ there are in fact absolutes.  That once they arrive at any favorable finding it shuts down all other research on the subject.  Because it supports government interventionism into the private sector.  Which is their one and only goal. 

Let’s not forget for a decade or more they’ve been telling us that if we didn’t act ‘right now’ it would be too late.  Well we haven’t done everything they said we needed to do to save the world.  And yet we saved it anyway.  These kinds of failed predictions would have spelled doom at CERN.  But not in environmental ‘science’.  Where the Higgs Boson must work in strange and mysterious ways.  If it exists, that is.



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