College Students and Potheads will Curse the Israelis for Harshing their Mellow

Posted by PITHOCRATES - June 2nd, 2012

Week in Review

There is good news on the medical marijuana front.  For both Democrats and Republicans.  Who can come to a bipartisan agreement on this once divisive issue.  Why, they may even decriminalize medical marijuana at the federal level.  So people suffering ill health anywhere can have access to the medicinal properties in medical marijuana without politics getting in the way of their healing (see Scientists create pot with no high by Meghan Neal posted 6/2/2012 on the New York Daily News).

Scientists in Israel say they’ve taken the high out of marijuana, creating a strain that doesn’t leave you stoned and even stops the food-craving “munchies.”

The new cannabis could benefit medical patients without the side effects of feeling stoned, AFP reported, citing an article from Israeli newspaper Maariv Daily.

A team at Tikkun Olam, a company in Israel, worked to boost the levels of cannabidiol — the part of the plant used to ease the symptoms of cancer and other diseases — and neutralize the side effects of tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC. That’s the part that induces a calm, light-headed feeling.

Isn’t this great news?  Just think of all the trouble this ends for all of those medical marijuana clinics in California.  No more accusations that they’re nothing more than drug dealers.  No one saying that they’re selling drugs and drug paraphernalia with little more than a doctor’s prescription (wink wink) faxed in from places unknown.  By mischievous people gaming the system.  No.  All of these suspicions are now gone.  Because medical marijuana won’t get you high anymore.  Everyone’s a winner. 

Except for those people who were gaming the system.  And those who want to legalize marijuana.  The college students and potheads.  Who vote Democrat in hopes of that day.  Who were hoping medical marijuana was a stepping stone to getting their beloved drug decriminalized.  But thanks to the Israelis this may prove to be a dead end.  So they will not rejoice for the ill who will gain access to this drug.  Instead they’ll curse the Israelis for harshing their mellow.


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