Canada doesn’t pay for Medications and Urges People to become Capitalists in Lieu of Welfare

Posted by PITHOCRATES - June 2nd, 2012

Week in Review

A lot of people think that Canada is this social utopia.  Where health care is all free.  And they put capitalism in its place.  But it’s not quite like that (see Microloans for mental-health patients rolling out across Ontario by Tavia Grant posted 6/1/2012 on The Globe and Mail).

There were times when Ed Middaugh had no home, no job and no money. He floated from couch to couch, in and out of hospitals during what he reluctantly calls “episodes,” unable to buy food because payments for medications consumed his whole monthly budget.

These days, Mr. Middaugh, 34, diagnosed with bipolar disorder at age 19, runs his own general contracting business, where he does home renos, stonework and landscaping. He’s bright, articulate, motivated – and steady, thanks to a better mix of meds.

He’s also the recipient of an $8,500 small-business loan that enabled him to buy a used pickup and power tools – something he never could have imagined landing from a traditional bank due to a sporadic work history.

So many Americans yearn for a Canadian-style national health care system.  Well, the health care may have been free but it appears the prescriptions weren’t.  Not when someone has to choose between food and medications.  Why, that’s the kind of thing they say about the evil private health care system in America.  All the while cursing the evil pharmaceuticals. 

Also, this social utopia that puts people before profits has a unique solution to help those who need help.  Helping them to become small business owners.  Instead of a lifetime on government support they make a single investment to help these people take care of themselves.  By becoming capitalists.  Something many Americans wouldn’t expect from Canada.  But something they can learn from their good neighbors to the north.


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