Autocorrect masks Poor Job Teachers are Doing in Teaching Two of the Three Rs

Posted by PITHOCRATES - May 26th, 2012

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What the calculator did for our arithmetic skills autocorrect is doing for our spelling skills.  Well, autocorrect and bad teachers (see Over-reliance on technology is undermining spelling skills by Graeme Paton posted 5/22/2012 on The Telegraph).

Around a third of people in Britain are unable to accurately spell words such as “definitely”, “separate” and “necessary”, it was revealed.

The study found that just a fifth of over-18s could properly pick out a series of potentially tricky words from a list. Teenagers and those in their early 20s were the worst spellers, it emerged…

“With over two-thirds of Britons now having to rely on spell check, we are heading towards an auto-correct generation,” he said…

Females aged over 65 were officially the best spellers, while men aged 18 to 24 were the worst, the study found.

The conclusions come amid growing concerns over standards of literacy in schools.

This is not a British problem.  It’s everywhere.  The quality of teaching has declined.  Our technology hides the horrible job they’re doing teaching spelling to our children.  Computers, smartphones and other electronic gadgets that can correct our spelling are making up for the deficient teaching in our schools.  But when we find out how poorly our children spell we blame these devices instead of the people tasked to make them good spellers.  The teachers.

Why is this happening?  Two of the three Rs in reading, ‘riting and ‘rithmetic involve the written language.  So what are our teachers teaching in school if they’re not teaching the three Rs?  Well, in the U.S. they’re teaching our kids to become Democrat voters.  They may not know how to read or write but they know that capitalism is evil.  And that government is good.  They also learn how to hold a picket sign when their teachers go on strike.  This is the stuff they’re teaching in our classrooms.  Not how to spell ‘definitely’, ‘separate’ and ‘necessary’.  Like they did when our grandparents went to school.  When school was school.  And not political indoctrination.  Today they worry less about teaching their students how to spell correctly.  And more about teaching their students how to vote ‘correctly’.


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